Get Real USA Closes Pivotal Film Finance Transaction Earning Commission in the Form of a Sellable Tax Credit Asset

Get Real USA (GTRL) has successfully facilitated its first Film Tax Credit deal, earning a consulting commission; the Company believes this can become a steady ongoing revenue stream to finance operations

Dec 07, 2012, 17:15 ET from Get Real USA, Inc.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Dec. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Get Real USA, Inc. (pinksheets: GTRL) announced that they earned a commission on a recent tax credit financing transaction, which they facilitated.

"We're pleased our business plan has come together so well," said Gregory Walker, head of GTRL's Film Finance subsidiary. "We believe the keys to our success in tax credit financing are flexibility, creativity and experience."

"This is exactly the approach that closed a recent deal and earned Get Real USA a bookable twenty-five thousand dollar short-term interest bearing asset in the form of a Louisiana Film Tax Credit.  The tax credit is a commission for facilitating the transaction, and we're confident this is one of many such commissions we'll earn going forward."

As previously announced, Get Real USA management has been working to develop a Film Tax Credit Fund operated by Get Real USA and managed by Mr. Gregory Walker. Part of the company's objectives for the Fund is to seek out investors interested in purchasing Film Tax Credits. 

The Company believes facilitating tax credit sales should allow GTRL to receive intermediary fees and, in some cases, directly acquire interest bearing tax credit.

Frank Weber, CEO of Get Real USA said, "Get Real USA continues to adapt since first changing our course of business a year ago. However, as much as we change we continue to hold onto our core strategies: establishing critical industry relationships, focusing on pressing entertainment industry demand and continuing to build a team of professionals."

Facilitating Film Tax Credit transactions gives Get Real USA another revenue stream to fund operations. The Company's goal is to achieve a steady revenue baseline while developing high-profit film production and distributions deals, which can take up to a year to wrap up.

About Get Real USA, Inc.:

Get Real USA, Inc. (GTRL.PK) is in the business of producing, distributing and financing low-budget, high quality genre pictures using recognizable name talent. 

GTRL's business strategy is to work with highly skilled producers and directors who also offer fierce attention to risk assessment and cost management.

The Company's goal is to create a strong production and distribution pipeline while taking advantage of new technologies, production efficiencies and value-added enhancements such as innovative and edgy marketing strategies.

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