Gilligan From Gilligan's Island, Mike From The Brady Bunch, And Willis From Diff'rent Strokes All "Win" The Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes In Brand New TV Advertising Campaign

May 06, 2013, 10:41 ET from Publishers Clearing House

NEW YORK, May 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Publishers Clearing House, whose famous Prize Patrol "winning moments" have been a mainstay of TV advertising for a quarter of a century, is launching a new TV advertising campaign featuring the surprised "winning" reactions from a new cast of "characters."

Starting May 6th, the TV airwaves will be flooded with three new Publishers Clearing House commercials that feature the Prize Patrol travelling back in time to surprise classic sitcom characters with the news that they have "won" the famous sweepstakes. The "winning moments" from Gilligan's Island, The Brady Bunch, and Diff'rent Strokes, have been seamlessly integrated with the real life Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol, who then go on to surprise traditional winners in the commercials -- contrasting what's "not real" with what is "real."

"The campaign is the result of going through hours of classic sitcoms to find just the right scenes to cut together with today's Prize Patrol," said Publishers Clearing House Senior Vice President, Todd Sloane. "The scope of this project was enormous, and we've just scratched the surface on available content to bring this idea to life. Just as our traditional winning moments have aired for many years, there is much more footage we can mine to show well-known characters being surprised by the Prize Patrol."

Finding the perfect footage and incorporating it into new TV ads was just part of the challenge for this campaign. The other significant hurdle was obtaining the rights to license each program, character, theme song, and actor featured. To manage this, Publishers Clearing House contracted GreenLight, a leading global entertainment consultancy, which provides clients with access to iconic music, film, television, and celebrity content. "GreenLight was thrilled to be chosen by Publishers Clearing House to help them recognize their creative vision," said Kevin Connelly, director of GreenLight. Although it was a challenge - it was a fun one - and I'm pleased that the GreenLight team was able to deliver all the elements PCH needed to get these spots ready to air."

Publishers Clearing House will spend over $5,000,000 in media time for a two-week TV campaign (May 6th through May 17th), and will air the new commercials on all the major broadcast TV networks and cable networks.

About Publishers Clearing House

Publishers Clearing House, a direct marketer of magazine subscriptions and merchandise, was founded in Port Washington, NY in 1953.  Its name has become synonymous with the sweepstakes and prizes it has used since 1967 to draw attention to the "unbeatable" deals and values offered in its colorful mailings.  Nearly half of the Publishers Clearing House profits are donated to charitable causes ranging from social services to the environment.   For more information, visit

About GreenLight

GreenLight, a Corbis company, is a global entertainment consultancy providing corporate, advertising and media clients access to music, film, celebrities and all things Hollywood. GreenLight works with the world's leading advertising agencies and brands to enable innovative advertising, packaging and products.  With the "GreenLight Guarantee" clients secure permissions quickly with competitive pricing through the firm's deep industry connections and protects them for the cleared uses.

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