Gmail's New Email Client, Kiwi for Gmail, Lands on Mac, Eliminates Need For Browser

Jun 22, 2015, 16:21 ET from Zive Inc.

NEW YORK, June 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The first Mac desktop email program exclusively for Gmail users goes on sale Tuesday in Apple's Mac App Store.

"Kiwi for Gmail" offers Mac users Gmail's smart features inside a fast, reliable and feature-filled program faithfully reproducing the Gmail experience. A web browser such as Safari or Chrome is no longer required to read Gmail.

"Kiwi for Gmail" costs $10. Sales begin Tuesday at 12:01am EDT. The website is

"Most email clients are stuck in the 1990s — except for the power and intelligence of Gmail, which is stuck in the browser," said Eric Shashoua, president and CEO of Zive Inc.

Kiwi for Gmail solves three problems:

  • Email programs including Apple's Mail limit access to Gmail features and can hog memory.
  • To use all Gmail features, Gmail must be used in a browser which can crash or perform slowly, especially when many tabs are open. Users search through tabs to find the one with Gmail inside.
  • The reliability and beauty of Mac apps is missing from the Gmail experience.

Kiwi isn't a browser wrap-around for Gmail. Kiwi is a desktop app built for Gmail.


  • User experience gracefully integrated with the desktop, like Gmail's apps on iPhone and iPad.
  • Gmail's search, labels, shortcuts, filters, stars, labs, priority inbox, important flags and archive.
  • Use with Google Calendar, Chat and Hangouts.
  • Send huge attachments using Google Drive.
  • Up to six Gmail accounts, color-coded to distinguish the accounts. No need to sign into accounts repeatedly.
  • Gmail can be the default email client via Kiwi.
  • Shortcut to open a Gmail compose window.
  • Menubar helper accesses each account.
  • Notifications only from important emails.
  • "Zen switch" quiets email notifications.
  • Gmail's lightning-quick search.
  • Gestures navigate Gmail quickly.
  • Google Apps for corporate and organizational users.

Integration with other apps via Gmail plug-ins is a top priority for upgrades.


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