Gold Bullion International Expands Silver Offering Overseas

Client Demand Prompts Vaulting Expansion in Singapore

30 Apr, 2013, 09:00 ET from Gold Bullion International

NEW YORK, April 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Gold Bullion International (GBI), a leading provider of physical precious metals to the wealth management industry, today announced an expansion of its silver offering to include overseas storage in Singapore, facilitated by their vaulting network. Of the company's additional vaulting locations in New York, Salt Lake City, Zurich, London, and Melbourne, the Singapore vault is the latest outside of the U.S. to allow investors to store silver.

"Despite the strong demand for physical ownership and storage of silver overseas, investors have struggled to find adequate storage options," said Marc Scher, COO of GBI. "Given the increasingly complex issues surrounding storage, GBI has invested in an infrastructure that provides investors with the ability to store silver safely and easily in our Singapore vaulting location.  We are well positioned to capture this increasing demand for physical precious metals."

GBI streamlines the antiquated system of purchasing, vaulting and owning physical precious metals. It is the first institutional quality company in the industry that specifically integrates into the workstations of financial advisors, wealth management professionals, and investors, allowing them to buy, store, and sell physical gold, silver and other precious metals.

"We are always listening to our clients for ways to help them solve problems," added Savneet Singh, co-Founder and President of GBI. "We will continue to innovate in alignment with our mission to provide more secure, efficient, and cost-effective investment options in the physical precious metals space."

Investors who purchase actual physical precious metals, either directly through GBI or through an intermediary using GBI's technology platform, can select a preferred vaulting location from the six available. Client holdings are fully insured and audited periodically.

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Gold Bullion International LLC (GBI) is a leading institutional precious metals provider to individual investors and the wealth management industry. GBI's technology and operations platform allows investors to acquire and manage their physical precious metals assets directly through GBI or through their existing wealth management account relationships. Precious metals are acquired a competitive institutional dealer network, stored on behalf of investors in protected and insured vaults in New York, Salt Lake City, London, Zurich, Melbourne and Singapore, and audited by one of the big four.  GBI provides the easiest, safest and most reliable option for precious metals ownership. GBI, own what's real.

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