Grant's Interest Rate Observer December 13th issue is released

11 Dec, 2013, 20:15 ET from Grant's Interest Rate Observer

NEW YORK, Dec. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The December 13th issue of Grant's Interest Rate Observer, a journal of the financial markets, is published and available to the public. This issue is now available for download at for all subscribers.

"The history of modern finance in Grant's cartoons" is a pictorial journey through the Grant's archive of Hank Blaustein cartoons. Trace the doings of the world of finance from 1986 until this year, Grant's style, by visiting this special feature on our website.  

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The current issue includes the following articles:

The price is wrong

Investors, financiers and financial analysts do business in a governmentally constructed funhouse. The interior decor features unconventional mirrors. Concave and convex, they can make a short yield look taller but they can't make that illusion pay cash. Which fact brings us back to the universal thirst for income and to the corporate structures that exist to slake it.

Just say no

After delivering a 50% gain in 2012, the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index has leapt by 60% in the 11 1/3 months of 2013. In November, 75% of the respondents to a poll said they expected another banner showing in 2014. Herewith a dissenting opinion and a short-sale candidate.

Preferred by more

Just how inclusive is the global stock-market rally? Inclusive enough to levitate South Korean preferreds. Following is an update to our analysis of this value-laden, hard-to-buy and chronically underachieving asset class.

European antique show

Converting mutual thrifts into profit-seeking commercial banks has been one of the most lucrative callings in American finance. We now turn to a similar kind of conversion, albeit with a very different kind of bank.

Problem child redux

It's a funny thing about the liquidation of gold mining shares or about the pullback, let us call it, in gold itself. Selling gold, the world is saying in so many words, "The central banks have the situation well in hand."

QE, we hardly knew ye

Monday brought tidings of a $1.92 trillion jump in household net worth between the second and third quarters. What else has quantitative easing wrought? Whether or not the Fed chooses to announce the start of tapering next week, it's high time to ask.


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