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Michael Roussos Named Chief Executive Officer Of Mainland Medical Center, A Campus Of Clear Lake Regional Medical Center
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Kris Collo, CEO, President and Founder of MicroPact, accepted the Corporate Impact Award from Judy Taylor, Executive Director of The ALS Association - DC/MD/VA Chapter
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The new Nature study reveals the structure of the human P2Y1 receptor, which mediates thrombosis formation. The image shows that two different ligands that inhibit platelet aggregation interact with P2Y1R by binding to two completely distinct sites of the receptor. The receptor structure is shown as grey ribbon and surface. The ligands MRS2500 and BPTU are shown as magenta and yellow spheres, respectively. (Image courtesy of Yekaterina Kadyshevskaya of the Bridge Institute at the University of Southern California.)
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Perrigo Company
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NuGene International is the maker of age-defying aesthetic products for skin and hair rejuvenation developed from adult stem cells.
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GlassesUSA is a global e-commerce company that sells discounted prescription eyewear. GlassesUSA was founded in 2009 by CEO Daniel Rothman, COO Eldad Rothman, and CTO Roy Yamner.

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