IGXE Announces a Shopping Mall Mode Transition

Mar 23, 2013, 09:00 ET from SoftIsland Co., Ltd.

WILMINGTON, Del., March 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Internet Game Exchange (IGXE) has revealed its plan to building the largest RMT (Real-money Trade of Virtual Items) shopping mall in 2013, aimed at the global RMT market.

As a reputable and major virtual trading platform through the past 10 years, IGXE a company with a sound infrastructure combined with advanced management concepts and strong comprehensive strength, will soon start its sweeping development plan for this year.

Shopping Mall Mode Debut

When it comes to how a RMT business operates, people who know the industry understand its basic rules. Every gold seller describes his or herself as "Full stock all the time, instant delivery, 24/7 online customer service, 100% secure guaranteed". "Actually the reality is not as good as what they described," said Kevin Fenn, the Chief Executive Officer of IGXE. "We understand the rules and the hidden rules very well, and to solve the problems we are consistently improving the service and supplying our customers' wants and needs."

Like other RMT dealers, IGXE has been supplying in-game goods such as in-game currency, in-game items, game time cards and game role leveling services. Most RMT suppliers have limited resources and commonly have a maximum of 30 games to serve. However, by teaming up with a large scale of suppliers, IGXE is now serving more than 100 games and growing. The huge product base is the cornerstone of the IGXE shopping mall mode transition. The key focus of the shopping mall mode is on the product range and a standardized service line.

"We have full confidence on building IGXE as the largest RMT Shopping Mall," said Mr. Fenn.

One Team Fight for the Dream

IGXE has always worked on the perfection of team building. In the past couple of years, IGXE has undergone structural adjustments a number of times. Team members have an intimate knowledge of the work of each other, helping them remain stable for better team work.

"As the CEO of the IGXE team, I learned how critical it is to make every member of the team feel themselves very important, included, and motivated to be the best team we could possibly be," said Mr. Fenn. "As a young team, it was amazing how we were able to accomplish our goals." 

The current mode is that IGXE has integrated its streamline functional departments into one Production Department; each production department controls the streamline work including new product development, market price control, purchasing coordination, logistics and the most distinct feature of the marketing department has also been integrated. The matrix structure can help communicate between groups. No blame, only support and a lead to unite the thoughts makes a perfect team.

Challenge Must be Accepted

As this transition plan is a milestone of the IGXE business change, there is still a long way to go. It's a challenge and also a big step forward to the US, Europe and Brazil as www.igxe.com.br and its partner site www.mmoxe.de went online in 2012. This challenge must be accepted and every one at IGXE is eager to see a better future from their hard work.

SOURCE SoftIsland Co., Ltd.