IGXE Successfully Launches Shopping Mall Mode: A New Era Is Coming

May 24, 2013, 08:00 ET from SoftIsland Co., Ltd.

WILMINGTON, Del., May 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 23rd, IGXE (www.igxe.com), one of the top in-game branding service websites specializing in MMORPG currencies, items, power leveling, and CD-keys, unveiled their new look shopping mall mode. IGXE, which is owned by SoftIsland Co., Ltd., has improved the customer experience by making the the shopping process much simpler. They have also added many new products including pre-paid cards and gift cards.

Reason for the change

"IGXE has been around for nine years but the interface was never really upgraded. Nowadays, with the rapid development of electronic business, we have to keep up with the times and make changes when needed," said Marry Kiser, IGXE Operation Manager. "Besides, we have always hoped that we could expand our product line. However, the old website could not meet this demand. That's why we made this mode transition."

The e-commence industry is very competitive. Innovation is a must for companies in order to survive in this field. IGXE knows this and has shown their commitment by taking action.

Changes made to the website

First, IGXE has become a virtual shopping mall as opposed to a regular website. Every product type has an independent website much like a department store has different departments. Game currency can be found on the first floor while game items are on the 2nd floor. The 3rd floor features power leveling service and the 4th floor sells game CD-keys and so on.

Second, IGXE has added a new way to search for products. Products are classified into six categories: PC&Online, Facebook, XBOX, Playstation, IOS and Browser. This allows customers to easily find their games on IGXE.COM.

Third, IGXE developed two new product types: pre-paid cards and gift cards. IGXE hopes to carry every type of virtual product so that customers can get everything they want without leaving IGXE. IGXE has also added a new section for future releases. Customers can check it and find out what games will be released in the coming months.

The development trend of economic business

IGXE is not the first website to implement shopping mall mode. There are many famous websites like amazon.com, dhgate.com and dinodirect.com that have implemented shopping mall mode --resulting in rapid growth. This shows that this way of presenting items is popular and trusted by customers.

Are there any promotions celebrating the IGXE upgrade?

"The promotions will kick off at the end of this month and further details will be available soon, however I can't tell you the details right now," said Kevin Fenn, the Chief Executive Officer of IGXE.

When asked what they thought of the new and improved IGXE, one customer replied, "I think it's fine. I like their site and I feel it's easy to understand and use. Their customer service is awesome too."

IGXE is hugely popular with its customers. Introducing shopping mall mode will help them attract more new customers as well as maintain their relationship with existing ones.

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