Impress Your Guests; Refurnish your Home for the Holiday Season

Whether you're looking to show off contemporary, traditional or classic style when guests come to visit your home, the talented team at Naurelle allows you to embrace exquisite design.

Oct 10, 2013, 20:32 ET from Naurelle

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Among aficionados of high end furnishings, modern European furniture is widely regarded as among the finest found anywhere. For truly stunning and stylish furniture, Los Angeles residents know there is no better location than the Naurelle showroom in Beverly Hills. Yet, unbeknownst to some, modern style is only one aspect of the European lighting, furnishings and accoutrement found at Naurelle. Their design team embraces the best in traditional and classic furniture as well as the most inventive and elegant options offered by Italy and Spain's avant-garde.

Southern California has a reputation as a region of temperate weather and blue skies. While it is true we enjoy a milder climate than many areas of the US, the idea that we don't enjoy seasons is wildly inaccurate – our geography is more varied than in other states. After all, how many places allow one the opportunity to go skiing on an autumn or winter morning and after a short drive, enjoy a late afternoon at the sunny, sandy beach?

This year, autumn in L.A. is particularly cool and crisp, offering a reminder that the holiday season will soon be upon us and any opportunity for home improvement and redecorating before the hustle and bustle begin will be gone. That's why so many people are electing to have the world renowned design team at Naurelle take on the task of bringing incredible traditional, classic or modern style to their dwelling.

For years, the Naurelle name has come to reflect taste, elegance and the finest European designs from Spain and Italy. Unlike many high-end furniture showrooms that take a myopic focus on traditional or contemporary designs, the innovators at Naurelle understand that true artistry transcends labels like "classic" or "modern." They embrace the elegant utility of the best modern furnishings while recognizing the work of past masters who have paved the way for contemporary designs with their timeless craftsmanship. That's why, at Naurelle, you're likely to see breathtakingly ornate classically-styled chandeliers and wall sconces alongside some of the most remarkably bold or understated lighting options – and each looks right at home.

Whether you are looking to bring a taste of classic Italian and Spanish style into your home, or a paragon of cutting-edge European modernism, allow Naurelle's design division to completely refurnish your home this fall, and celebrate the holidays in the midst of truly eye-catching sophistication.

To get in touch with the premier design team, contact them by phone at 323-852-7007, or browse the online catalogue at You can also visit the Naurelle showroom in the heart of Los Angeles, only bear in mind – once you experience firsthand the exquisite artistry of Naurelle furnishings, it will be hard to resist having your residence redesigned from top to bottom.

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