Infinite Shadows Entertainment Crowdfunding Television Pilot "Stardust"

Welcome to Hollywood, you're not invited.

08 Jul, 2013, 11:06 ET from Infinite Shadows Entertainment

LOS ANGELES, July, 8 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Infinite Shadows Entertainment is currently running a campaign on the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter to fund their television pilot "Stardust". Welcome to Hollywood, you're not invited.  Or at least that's the premise of Infinite Shadows Entertainment's new television pilot.


The project explores what would happen if your best friend became famous and refused to let you join his clique.  "It's inspired by actual events but since we're nobodies, we're not prepared to call out anybody.  We would be crushed," says Ragnaroc Inc.: Embrace Oblivion writer/creator Jason K. Garrett. "It's not that kind of project anyway, it's more about the shifting and evolving relationships between the characters than anything else."

The Facebook page features dozens of behind the scenes videos and a series of interviews with entertainment personality Kevin John.

The funding goal is $10,000 and Infinite Shadows plans to film the entire project within the LA city limits.  The campaign started late last month (June 28, 2013) and will only run through July 28th.

Infinite Shadows Entertainment is a production company located in Los Angeles, CA and run by James Dean, JR Garcia, and Jason K Garrett. For information call 818­-815-8566  or visit,, Twitter @Stardust_by_ise. For the "Stardust" Kickstarter campaign visit: 

SOURCE Infinite Shadows Entertainment