InnerChange Unites Residential Therapy Programs with CORE Methodology™

Methodology Utilized to Measure & Improve Clinical and Operational Outcomes at Existing and New Programs

15 Aug, 2013, 15:36 ET from InnerChange

SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- InnerChange, a leading provider of residential treatment programs for adolescents and young adults, is uniting its five residential therapy programs under a new clinical and operational methodology called CORETM, which stands for connected, outcomes, relational and experiential.

"Our programs are diverse in who they serve and what they treat, but CORE unites us in a common manner of serving," says InnerChange president Dustin Tibbits.  "This methodology drives how we deliver, measure, and improve clinical care, academic instruction, and program management."

Connected recognizes that we do not live in bubbles. Everything done in therapy, business, and academia is connected and impacts those around us. 

Outcomes highlights InnerChange's culture of measurement.  We scrutinize every aspect of our therapy, academics and management and are unafraid to keep score.

Relational is the understanding that the therapeutic power of the relationship a client develops with the caregiver is the best predictor of successful therapy.  Similarly, the relationship employees have with their supervisors at work predict satisfaction and engagement.

Experiential is the dedication to doing more than talking; to create powerful real-life experiences that put therapy into practice.

The InnerChange residential therapy programs currently using CORE are:

New Haven

Location: Spanish Fork and Saratoga Springs, Utah

Program Description: Residential treatment for adolescent girls ages 12 to 18 specializing in severe anxiety and depression, budding personality disorders, post-traumatic stress, addiction, low self esteem, OCD, bereavement, learning disabilities and eating disorders.


Location: Hurricane, Utah

Program Description: Residential treatment for adolescent girls ages 12 to 18 specializing in emotional or behavioral issues interfering with success in the classroom or home life.

Fulshear Ranch Academy

Location: Outside of Houston, Texas

Program Description: Residential treatment for adult women ages 18-24 to overcome emotional, behavioral and addiction issues and then transition to further education or careers.


Location: Eureka, Mont.

Program Description: Residential treatment for adolescent girls ages 12 to 18 suffering from mood disorders, attention problems, trauma and stress related disorders, distorted self-image and esteem problems, milder attachment issues, anxiety, learning disabilities and opposition/defiance.

InnerChange's recently acquired Oakley School will be integrating CORE in to its therapy.

The Oakley School

Location: Oakley, Utah

Program Description: Therapeutic coed boarding school serving high school-aged students located minutes from Park City, Utah.


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