Innovation in Smart Home Products

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LONDON, Feb.1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Connectivity is changing the game. Smart products are adding sensors, and value-added services are disrupting traditional markets. This report highlights the trends and disruptive forces shaping the smart home market, including a detailed review of new players in the leading categories of smart home products.

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Purpose of Report

As smart home and IoT products gain a foothold in consumer homes around the world, companies continue to innovate, hoping to drive new experiences and greater adoption of the next generation of products.

Innovations range from improving current technologies now being deployed to developing future technologies that are being refined in the lab. As smart home and IoT product makers and service providers
plan for the future, each must consider the opportunities and risks involved in these new areas of innovation. Many user interface options now used are in specialized or commercial applications or incorporated in specific ways on mobile phones. Many will migrate to smart home products as reliability increases and costs decline. For example, haptics (vibrations) are quite common in smartphone as is voice recognition. Voice recognition is, of course, already in some car models and some smart home players, particularly those in the security category, are experimenting with early offerings. Manufacturers now consider where and how haptics can help users. Other applications such as voice control across the home for a variety of devices and controls are specialized and their application remains expensive, in part due to the cost of powerful microphones. Visual recognition, gesture control, and even neural interfaces are improving every year based on the sophisticated (not typical consumer applications) where they are affordable and then present manufacturers with improvement opportunities.

True innovations rarely start in the home. As a GE executive once famously stated, "Our test pilots do not try to destroy our new systems in test flights. Our consumers, on the other hand, try everything from dropping the product to using it incorrectly to overburdening the product. Our consumer products must be robust…and 99.99% reliable…right from the start."

Scope of Report

This report examines innovations that will impact the next generation of smart home products, particularly in how consumers interact with the intelligent devices and systems within their homes. Some of the key areas
addressed include:

- The evolution of the user interface for IoT products and services
- New technologies that enable new user experiences in tomorrow's smart home
- Market trends and applications for these new technologies
- Success factors for these technologies to enter the smart home market
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