Innovative Scion Canada Cross-Media Campaign From ATTIK Introduces Scion's 2011 Models, Conveys Brand's Lifestyle Values to Young Drivers

22 Sep, 2010, 09:00 ET from ATTIK

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- It's been seven years since global creative agency ATTIK ( and its co-founder and executive creative director Simon Needham began strategically reaching out to young Americans to introduce the Scion line of vehicles from Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A.  Until now, Scions have only been available in the U.S., but beginning next week, 2011 editions of the brand's xB, xD and tC models are set to arrive at 46 dealerships opening in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.  To effectively introduce Scion to Canadian customers, Needham and his ATTIK colleagues, including creative director Ron Lim, have worked very closely with executives from Toyota Canada to craft a unique approach.

"Just as we did when we were gearing-up to launch Scion in the U.S., we began by performing extensive research into Canadians aged 18 to 24," Needham explained.  "We learned that these individuals share a great deal in common with the U.S. audience for Scion, in that both groups are creative, independent-thinkers who are resistant to advertising... but also that those in Canada tend to be more community-focused, and more interested in group collaborations.  Fortunately, as an authentic lifestyle brand, Scion has a lot to offer in regard to those unique values, so our campaign has focused on Scion's commitments to a unique lifestyle, and to self-expression within the context of the creative community."

Since Aug. 16, static Out-of-Home (OOH) billboards have appeared in high-profile locations within all three launch cities, while newspaper and magazine print ads and online elements have appeared in targeted media outlets, all showing the Scion xB, xD and tC models under copy stating, "Introducing Scion. What Moves You."

Earlier this week, a :60 3D cinema ad began an 8-week run in Toronto movie theaters ahead of selected R-rated movies.  It is accompanied by new print and online ads, new digital OOH boards (locations picked on proximity to target hot spots and/or proximity to dealerships), dealership elements, and many non-traditional elements aimed at the creative community, to include "chalk art" stenciling around urban centers and projections supporting Scion Sessions and other local events like Montreal's Piknik Electronik and Shine Night Club in Vancouver.  At this stage, the campaign does not include a TV buy.  Media is being handled by Dentsu Canada.

"Since today's young drivers want comprehensively-equipped vehicles that are high on design, performance and efficiency, and priced to allow for customization, we are very excited to introduce them to Scion," said Paul Harrison, Scion Marketing Manager for Toyota Canada. "Working together with ATTIK, we've had a lot of fun building-up the launch, and we're looking forward to demonstrating all the ways in which Scion can enrich drivers' lives."

Needham, a member of the Directors Guild of America, has directed or art directed virtually every Scion cinema or broadcast spot over the past seven years.  For the Scion Canada "What Moves You" 3D cinema ad, he teamed with director of photography Daniel Ardilley and Blueyed Pictures for a live-action shoot, then collaborated with design and production company Imaginary Forces and animation, digital effects, and design company SWAY Studio, to create a unique spot based on a campaign that recently debuted in the U.S.  The final 10 seconds of the cinema ad present the audiovisual content launching today on digital OOH ads.  Face the Music created the campaign's original music.

"Scion remains the only car brand that's dedicated to customization and personalization, where each car offers a blank canvas to express and share creative ideas," Needham added.  "Since each model offers a different path to a unique and special creation, we're extremely proud to have the opportunity to help introduce the Scion brand and its lineup to the Canadian audience."

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Along with Needham and Lim, ATTIK's project team also includes senior writer Mike Brenner, senior art director Greg Coffin, senior broadcast producer Patty Lum, senior print producer Melanie Magatelli, account director Rachel Newell, and account manager Amanda D'Aloise.  Complete credits for "What Moves You" are available upon request.


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About Scion Canada

Scion is a marquee of the Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) which launched in California in 2003 and across the United States in 2004. Scion launches 3 new 2011 vehicles this fall with the iconic xB urban utility vehicle, the xD 5-door hatchback and tC sports coupe. Scion officially launches in Canada on September 28, 2010, with 46 dealerships opening in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. For more information, please visit

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