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January is known as the get-fit month after many people have overindulged during Christmas and have the mentality of 'a new year, a new me'. Therefore, many people opt to join the gym with most not withstanding more than the three-month trial.

In recent years, has reported that on average the British public waste £37m on gym membership, with the average gym costing £442 a year. However, there are plenty of ways to keep fit and work out at home for less. Often, this tends to be much more convenient and motivational too, because people don't have to leave the house and can exercise at any time of the day. have an entire range of fitness and exercise equipment to suit people who want to lose weight, gain muscle and tone. Their cardio range includes exercise bikes, cross-trainers, treadmills and rowers starting from just £74.99 and are perfect for users who want to burn calories and lose weight.

For people who want to tone and improve core fitness then their range of pilates and yoga equipment including mats, swiss balls and multi-gyms that will increase toning in the abs as well as increase stability. These types of exercises are perfect in conjunction with cardio fitness to give an all-round workout.

They also have a range of strength training equipment that can be used to tone and promote muscle gain in the legs, arms and chest. Starting from just £2.99 the range includes hand weights, dumbbells, kettle bells and medicine balls all at various weights to suit the individual.

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