It Truly Takes Two: New Generation of Breastfeeding Moms Rely Heavily on Dad for Emotional Support

Jun 10, 2014, 14:00 ET from Bravado Designs

WASHINGTON, June 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Many new dads will be celebrating their first Father's Day this month and according to Bravado Designs, they've earned it. Bravado, a leader in intimate apparel for pregnant and nursing moms, conducted a recent survey of more than 1,000 new and expectant mothers and found that 86% of new moms ranked their partner as the number one person they rely on for emotional support while breastfeeding. This new data mirrors past studies, like this 2013 CDC report, indicating that women are more successful at breastfeeding when the men in their lives support them.

"We've confirmed the vital role dads play in mom's breastfeeding success," said Staci Starr, Senior Brand Manager at Bravado Designs. "We also know that new couples can benefit from suggestions on how they can spend some quality time together through a period of adjustment.  Sometimes it's the smallest gestures and moments that can have the biggest impact.  It's cumulative."

The survey also found that only 8% of mothers report being extremely satisfied with their ability to manage the multiple demands of their lives, and that, despite dad's role in the success of the new family, finding time alone with one's partner after baby's arrival is tough. Forty-three percent of moms reported date nights only every 3-6 months, with 10% of moms going out with their significant other only once a year.

Reinforcing its dedication to providing new moms access to its expertise and network of partners, Bravado has released eight new videos as part of its #LittleVictories campaign featuring a range of North American experts—including a video focused on how fathers can be supportive by Diaper Dude founder Chris Pegula. The campaign, now live on the company's YouTube channel, is grounded in the insight that each accomplishment is a positive step toward helping new moms find success.

"Dad's involvement is key from the very beginning. Communicate with your partner to determine the best way to provide the support she truly needs," suggests Pegula. "I recommend building rituals to keep yourself involved with all aspects of feeding and finding ways to jump in and help whenever and however possible. Remember, this is a team effort."

Jill Seiman, founder and editor of, offers useful tips on ways to stay connected as a couple and get creative when it comes to date night. "The best way to reconnect as a couple is trying to find the 'date night' in any alone time that you share together," says Seiman. "It doesn't have to be nighttime or a super glamorous affair, it could be as simple as working out while the kids are taking a nap or even just running errands as long as you both take the time together to refresh, recharge, and reconnect with one another." These experts and others provide more tips in the video series on Bravado's YouTube channel.

Bravado's data comes from a survey of new moms, as part of its Little Victories campaign. Research covers topics important and relevant to new moms, a population characterized by sheer numbers (over 4 million pregnancies occur in the U.S. each year) as well as a generational desire to connect and excel. Additional research topics include: breastfeeding in public, back to work and breastfeeding, first generation breastfeeders, and more. Bravado recognizes that within each of these categories, new moms are taking small steps each day, achieving little victories.

Bravado's Little Victories campaign is inspired by breastfeeding moms and the real moments they share, recognizing that being pregnant, having a baby, and breastfeeding are life-changing events that can be rewarding yet challenging. Little Victories come from finding comfort, both physical and emotional, and Bravado's #LittleVictories campaign underscores its ongoing commitment to all mothers - recognizing that comfort and confidence lead to success, as does support from the baby's father.

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