Kamedis Announces Positive Clinical Trial Results for First-in-Class Therapeutic Scalp System in Patients with Seborrheic Dermatitis and Moderate to Severe Dandruff

04 Mar, 2016, 09:02 ET from Kamedis Inc.

TEL AVIV, Israel, March 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Kamedis Inc., a global provider of clinically proven skin care products, announced today positive results from a clinical study evaluating the safety and efficacy of the Kamedis Bio-Herbal Dandruff Care system in patients with seborrheic dermatitis and moderate to severe dandruff.

In the study, participants experienced an 87 percent improvement in erythema (redness and lesions caused by inflammation) after two weeks of use and 65 percent saw an improvement in the total severity score targeting all symptoms associated with seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff at six weeks. In comparison to other products on the market, participants expressed a 90 percent overall satisfaction rate.

"Many patients with dandruff are unsatisfied with current treatment options, which can be harsh on their hair and may contain sodium lauryl sulfates, parabens or other chemicals that people are moving away from. These results help us better understand the clinical efficacy of Botaniplex, the proprietary combination of botanical concentrates and active ingredients at the core of our evolving line of dermatology products," said Roni Kramer, Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of Kamedis Inc. "We thank the dermatologists and participants involved with this study, and are pleased the results validate a holistic approach to treatment with a system that is also gentle on the hair and scalp, even for patients with more severe forms of seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff."

The interventional, open-label study, evaluated 50 adult patients with moderate (n=35) or severe (n=15) seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff at baseline and at two, four and six weeks post-use of the system's scalp lotion and shampoo. The primary outcome measures were erythema, loose flaking, Adherent Scalp Flaking Score (ASFS) and results from a patient satisfaction questionnaire. Standardized digital photographs of each participant's scalp were captured at each evaluation period.

"Seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff are chronic skin conditions that cause millions of Americans to suffer with uncomfortable physical symptoms like itching, scaling and dryness. However, these patients also suffer with psychological distress, lower self-esteem and a reduced quality of life," said Deganit Barak-Shinar, Ph.D, Vice President of clinical, regulation and quality assurance at Kamedis Ltd. "The results of this new, two-step therapeutic approach to treating these conditions is a welcomed alternative to the currently available over-the-counter dandruff shampoos, and even prescription-based scalp products."

Botaniplex utilizes a proprietary process to purify and concentrate the botanical extracts for maximum efficacy. The system fights dandruff in two ways. The active ingredient, pyrithione zinc, kills the fungus that is the culprit behind many cases of dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis, and the botanical concentrates soothe, hydrate and nourish the hair and scalp, relieving the common symptoms of dandruff. The formulation is also free of parabens, steroids and sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS), making Kamedis both gentle on the scalp and safe to use on color-treated hair.

In the United States, Kamedis Inc. is co-marketing The Kamedis Bio-Herbal Dandruff Care system with Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. The system is available at Walgreens retail locations nationwide, as well as other select retailers. To learn more and to access in-store coupons, customers may visit www.kamedisdandruff.com.

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Kamedis is a global provider of botanical based, clinically tested and effective skin care products that combine ancient medical wisdom with the knowledge and technology of modern scientific research. Kamedis was created by Chinese medicine therapists specializing in dermatology who envisioned a new approach to treating the symptoms of common skin conditions, such as atopic dermatitis/eczema, seborrhea, psoriasis, and acne. Kamedis utilizes advanced technologies to develop innovative topical therapies, including OTC healthcare products, prescription topical and medical devices, and derma-cosmetic formulations. Products are available in the United States, Europe and Asia. More information about Kamedis is available at www.kamedis-usa.com or (855) 526-3347.

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