KEMET Releases New UL Approved PET Sleeving

UL Recognized Sleeving for Screw Terminal and Snap-in Capacitors

Aug 14, 2013, 16:05 ET from KEMET Corporation

GREENVILLE, S.C., Aug. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- KEMET Corporation (NYSE: KEM), a leading manufacturer of tantalum, ceramic, aluminum, film, paper and electrolytic capacitors, today announced its launch of a new UL approved PET sleeving solution for both snap-in and screw terminal capacitors. This release furthers KEMET's commitment to improving the safety of its components on a global basis.

Large screw terminal and snap-in electrolytic capacitors are used extensively in the alternative energy and drives markets for the conversion of energy in frequency inverters, power supplies and converters. The conversion of the energy market is governed by a number of industry standards, including UL508C and EN61800-5-1, which aim to ensure the safety of equipment.  The PET sleeve is UL recognized to UL: QMTR2 (UL No. E358957). It is suitable to meet the requirements of the Power Conversion Equipment Standard UL508C, clause 17.

This sleeving solution can be applied to any new or existing custom screw terminal or snap-in capacitor design as required. It is globally available from KEMET's manufacturing facilities in either Evora, Portugal or Suzhou, China. It is an addition to the following KEMET product series: ALS30/31, ALS32/33, ALS36/37, ALS40/41, ALS42/43, ALC10/12/40/42 and PEH5xx.

Technical Information

UL QMTR2 Test Description [Standard]

  • End Product Glow Wire (in place of HWI) on capacitor (diameter x length) with Disc 1. [UL746C, clause 73]
  • HWI on material by itself [UL 746A, clause 31]
  • End Product Arc Resistance (in place of HAI) on capacitor (diameter x length) with Disc 1. [UL746C, clause 11.3, 48]
  • HAI on the material by itself [UL 746A, clause 32]
  • CTI on the material by itself  [IEC 60112]
  • Volume Resistivity on the material by itself after exposure to dry conditions and Water Immersion per UL746C.  [UL 746A, clause 21, UL746C, clause 58]
  • Dielectric Strength - on the material by itself after exposure to dry conditions and Water Immersion per UL746C. [UL 746A, clause 20, UL746C, clause 58]
  • 12mm End Product Flame (in place of HB) on capacitor (diameter x length) with Disc 1. [UL 746C, clause 15]
  • HB on the material by itself [UL 94, clause 7]
  • RTI - A generic rating of 105C can be assigned with no testing if PET materials are no thicker than 0.25mm [UL 746C, Table 34.1]
  • Identification Scan consisting of IR, TGA, DSC [UL746A, clause 42, 45, 46]


UL- Underwriter's Laboratories PET- Polyethylene Terapthalate


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