Larson Electronics Introduces New LED Light Tower with Pneumatic Mast and 3000KV Generator

05 Mar, 2013, 09:10 ET from Larson Electronics

KEMP, Texas, March 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Larson Electronics introduced today a new LED light tower built to provide high output in a self contained system that can be easily transported. The WAL-ML-4X150LED-3G LED Light Tower provides enough light output to illuminate up to an acre, can be transported along with five other units in the back of a pickup, and can operate independently of external power sources via its own onboard generator for up to 8 hours on a single tank of fuel.


The WAL-ML-4X150LED-3G LED light tower from Larson Electronics gives operators the ability to illuminate large scale worksites or events without the need for external power sources or dedicated trailer towing assemblies. This LED lighting system features an extendible pneumatic tower with wheeled base, an onboard 3000VA generator that will run for 8 hours on a tank of fuel, and four high power LED light heads producing a combined total of 59,160 lumens of light output. The tower assembly is constructed of powder coated steel to provide corrosion resistance and high strength and is fitted with a pair of heavy duty wheels for easy relocation of the tower from one area to another. The light tower can be adjusted between seven to twenty five feet in height for maximum coverage and features pneumatic operation rather than manual winches for easy deployment. Instead of having to use a hand crank to winch the tower up to its full height, pneumatic operation allows the operator to quickly and easily extend the tower with compressed air. The LED lights on this unit feature thick aluminum housings, IP68 rated waterproof construction, unbreakable polycarbonate lenses, and CREE XLamp XPG® LEDs for the highest output and reliability possible. The lamps are mounted to a removable bracket attached to the end of the tower boom, allowing operators to remove the entire lamp assembly for easier and safer transport. Each lamp is independently adjustable to allow the operators to adjust the fixtures for the maximum effective coverage possible. The WAL-ML-4X150LED-3G LED light tower is fully portable and is ideal for construction sites and event lighting applications. Operators can load up to six of these units in the back of a full size pickup and distribute them as needed, without the need for towing assemblies or complete disassembly.

"The WAL-ML-4X150LED-3G LED mini-light tower combines the efficiency of high powered LED lights with the quiet, lightweight efficiency of a Generac generator for optimal portable lighting," said Rob Bresnahan with "Running well below the decibel limit for most municipalities, this mini-light tower can be packed into the back of any pickup or SUV and transported to events. This LED mini-light tower can be used right next to the people it serves, making it ideal for event lighting. Finally, the long run time of generator and the efficiency of the lights means limited needs for re-fueling, as this unit will run this LED lighting configuration for more than 10 hours on a single tank of gas."

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SOURCE Larson Electronics