Leonhardt Ventures' Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator Raising $15 million Accelerator and innovation laboratory focused on cardiovascular technologies and social good impact enterprises

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Nov. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. is an innovation accelerator with an unprecedented portfolio of breakthrough cardiovascular life science and high social good impact innovations that have primarily been majority funded to date by Leonhardt Ventures and its associated angel investor network.  

The innovation laboratory and business accelerator has two clear focus areas:

  1. Cardiovascular innovations with a focus on heart failure and stem cell therapies.
  2. Social good impact innovations designed to be cash flow positive short term.

Management team and board have a proven track record in leading breakthrough innovations in these focused spaces - http://www.calstockexchange.com/team-cal-x/

Cardiovascular portfolio technologies include...

MyoStim Pacers – http:/www.myostimpacers.com - heart failure pacemaker designed to recruit reparative stem cells to damaged and weakened heart tissue.

Bioheart, Inc. – http://www.bioheartinc.com - Phase III leader in applying adult muscle stem cells to treat advanced heart failure since 1999. Only cell type known to grow new contractile muscle in the depths of heart scar tissue.

BioPace – biological pacemaker made entirely of living cells.

CoroStim – world's first vibrational energy emitting pacemaker designed to prevent plaque formation in high risk coronary arteries.

AortaCell unit of Stemergy - wireless non-invasive energy device designed to recruit stem cells to weakened vessel wall tissue for repair. Stemergy is developing a full line up of wireless energy devices designed to direct stem cell therapies non-invasively. 

BioLeonhardt – http://www.bioleonhardt.com - combination electrical stimulation and multi-stage cell and gene therapy method, composition and devices for treating advanced heart failure. Featuring combined utilization of MicroRNAs, nutrient time release SDF-1, hydrogel, cardiac stem cells, iPS cells and muscle progenitor stem cells. First method to utilize an implantable stem cell pump for multiple dosages of delivery of stem cells and growth factors over time.

Cardiobridge – http://www.cardiobridge.com - high flow rate 10FR circulatory support catheter pump in clinical testing for acute decompensating heart failure and high-risk PCI.

Procyrion Implantable Heart Pumps - www.procyrion.com - the Procyrion device consists of a small, continuous flow pump mounted within a self-expanding anchoring system. The device is advanced through a catheter in the femoral artery to the descending thoracic aorta. The self-expanding anchors deploy to fix the pump to the aortic wall.

HeartScore - www.heartscore.co – composite scoring system of genetic, blood and artery scan test results that are loaded into the SecondBeat wearable wrist watch.

Stem Cell Pump - implantable stem cell pump designed for controlled dose delivery of stem cells and selected growth factors over time to specific target organ locations.

LVSens – implantable heart sensor.

Stem Cell Bra - www.stemcellbra.com - the world's first women's bra designed to recruit her own stem cells with a homing signal and to build new breast tissue without surgery - patent pending.  Clinical safety and efficacy test results pending.

CORE Manufacturing LLC http://prn.to/169qrpw - cGMP contract manufacturing service for bioactive implantable devices.'

The Leonhardt Ventures' Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. Scientific Advisory Board is made up of leading heart failure physicians, stem cell scientists, cardiologists and electrophysiologists  - http://calxstars.com/scientific-advisory-board/

Note - Bioheart will receive royalties and milestone payments from MyoStim Pacers, BioPace and BioLeonhardt. 

Social Impact Crowdfunding Portfolio include...

The California Stock Exchange – designed to be the first conscious capitalism stock exchange that facilitates local investing –www.calstockexchange.com - the new home marketplace for people that believe doing good is not just good for good sake but is good business.  Companies focused on long term growth with a sense of purpose.  SEC registration is required.

Cal-X Crowdfund Connect – Crowdfunding resources center  – www.calxcrowdfund.com

Link to recent Cal-X Press Release:  http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/cal-x-crowdfund-connect-selects-earlyiq-for-diligence-and-transparency-services-to-protect-investors-215508961.html

Crowdfunder.com – equity crowdfunding leader Title II and coming soon Title III – CrowdImpact and CrowdFundX – www.crowdfunder.com ;

ZimpleMoney - Microloans platform www.zimplemoney.com ;

Food Trikes & Scooters – mini electric powered food trucks combined with complete entrepreneurial support network partnered with InVenture –www.foodtrikesandscooters.com ;

Kindheart Lionheart Media Co. – inspirational books, movies and music – www.kindheartlionheart.com ;

Radio Veronica USAStarfunder.com, Koffeehouse Music, Local DJ Radio and RightClearing – crowdfunding music publishing rights with one tap of your smart phone surface while listening - www.radioveronicausa.com + www.rightclearing.com + www.koffeehouse.com

Degreed.com – digital degree granting college credit for online courses "jail breaking the college degree" revolutionizing lifelong education – www.degreed.com

EquityNet – business plan analysis and development software and crowdfunding tools – www.equitynet.com

Chic-CEO – women entrepreneurs network 50,000+ strong and growing – www.chic-ceo.com

"Other leading accelerators launch up to 16 new startups every 12 weeks in all sectors of business.  Our approach is much more focused and longer term.  We only accelerate cardiovascular and social good impact innovations. A maximum of 14 companies in each sector every 5 years. We take our cardio portfolio companies on the road to over 20 cardiology meetings a year and showcase our social good impact companies at conferences such as CrowdImpact, The Conscious Capitalism Summit, Tech.co and The California Women's Conference." stated Howard Leonhardt, Founder & CEO.

About Leonhardt Ventures:  Since 1982 Leonhardt Ventures has a strong history of inventing, developing, backing and bringing to market leadership products for treating heart and cardiovascular disease. Over 200,000 patients have been treated to date with Leonhardt inventions. Leonhardt Venture's started the Cal-X Stars Innovation and Business Accelerator in 2012 to guide forward cardiovascular and social good impact innovations over a 5 year period in preparation for a listing on the future California Stock Exchange (SEC registration application in process). June 11th, 2013 Leonhardt Ventures announced that it has chosen CORE Manufacturing LLC in Valencia, California for manufacturing and product development services for its lineup of active implantable devices - http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20130611-906181.html

About Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc:  Founded in 2012 as a spin out of Leonhardt Ventures innovation laboratory and Leonhardt's Launchpads as a 5 year business and innovation accelerator focused on cardiovascular technologies and social good impact innovations. 

Contact:  Howard Leonhardt, Leonhardt Ventures' Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc., 1531 6th Street, Unit 401, Santa Monica, California, 90401, Office direct 310 310 2534, Email

RISK WARNING:  The Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. portfolio of innovations and startup companies are all early stage. The investment risk is very high and investors should be in position to lose all their investment without hurting their financial security.  This 506c offering is limited to accredited investors only with > $1 million in assets excluding their home and vehicles. The offering will be posted on authorized accredited investor only portal sites that verify accreditation qualification such as www.crowdfunder.com, www.healthiosxchange.com, www.equitynet.com and www.angelist.co   Merriman Capital http://www.merrimanco.com/ has been hired as an advisory registered broker dealer for this offering.  Any potential investor should review all risks published within our registered private placement memorandum that is available upon written request or via the above mentioned password protected portals.

Note - New 506c regulations allow general advertising and up to 2000 shareholders while remaining private - http://www.sec.gov/rules/final/2013/33-9415.pdf

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