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The website launches a new framework for bad credit loans search options. Consumers can now seek loans for bad credit from an enriched selection of top lenders.

Jul 10, 2013, 08:30 ET from

CLEVELAND, Ohio, July 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- has announced the launch of a brand new framework for consumers to find and compare bad credit loans. Created to assist the needs of the ever-growing number of Americans that are blighted with bad credit, the site was motivated to ease the struggle experienced by these underserved consumers to find suitable lending options.

Drawing upon its ample experience within the loans for bad credit sector as a comparison site and consumer finance expert, the site has researched a large selection of U.S. based online lenders and included many more within its new online database. The benefits of this for consumers lie within the service's timesaving aspects. As the site's database draws upon such a comprehensive group of lenders, there is no need to complete an application form for every single inquiry. This makes the service ideal for those seeking loans for bad credit that are short on time and urgently need quick decisions.

The site has created a dynamic application form that takes the details of the applicant and securely transmits them to the right lenders. As the form has an intelligent matching capability, consumers can be certain that they are being matched to the most appropriate lenders for their needs and situations. All of the lenders featuring offer unsecured loans, with no need for security payments, collateral or co-signers.

Ben Milo, spokesperson for the website, made the announcement of the new fast loans search options in the following statement that was released to the press.

"We are very pleased to announce details of our expansive database for bad credit loans from professional, reliable and reputable online lenders. We have redoubled the number of lenders within our database and hope that this gives consumers more opportunities to be considered by great lenders, and fast. As ever, decisions will appear on screen after completion of the 2 minute application form. We believe the new service offers consumers more choice and more competitive rates and terms from the lenders. We invite consumers to try our new search options and see what offers may be made. If approved and accepted, the money can be in their checking account within 24 hours later or faster."

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