Make Your Gift of Love an Original with Diamond Mansion Co.

"Make it yours" is not just a creative cliche at Los Angeles high end jewelry retailer

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LOS ANGELES, April 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Diamond Mansion Co. has its own twist on crafting unique yet popular engagement rings that's all about making rings your very own. Indeed, if you're involved in creative pursuits, you've probably heard the expression "make it yours" when referring to an actor or musician's rendition of a famous role or musical piece. Just as there's an endless number of creative choices to be made by a musician playing the melody of Rogers and Hammerstein's "My Favorite Things" or an actor performing the St. Crispin's Day Speech from Shakespeare's "Henry V," there are a number of choices to be made when selecting the perfect engagement or wedding ring for that very special someone.

Do you want pave, eternity, three stone or solitaire engagement rings? How about stylish vintage engagement rings? In terms of the shape of the gemstone, do you prefer a princess, pear, asscher, emerald, marquise, or radiant cut? Maybe another cut entirely? How about the metal in the ring? Would you prefer 14k white gold or 18k yellow gold? The "Design Your Dream Ring" web tool featured on the Diamond Mansion Co. web site makes it easy and fun to make all the choices that go into crafting your very own diamond ring. Once you've made it, you can look at the results. Then, you can refine your selection, reject it outright and start over – or, if you've hit it right, you can select your choice of the most beautiful ring possible and get ready to present it to the your choice for the world's most beautiful person. 

Whether you choose to create your own diamond ring, select a preset ring, make your purchase online or head to the fabulous store located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles's world famous jewelry district, Diamond Mansion Co. is a jewelry retailer customers can feel good about selecting. This retailer's commitment to providing the very best in value, selection, and customer service extends to all of our customers. Moreover, we also strive hard to make sure our products conform to the highest standards not only of quality but of ethics and responsibility.

At Diamond Mansion Co., our rings are guaranteed to be completely natural and conflict free (i.e., they have not been used to finance warfare or crime in the nations in which they were mined or processed). Diamond Mansion has granted an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, certifying its long record of honesty and openness in dealing with customers. Consumers who are concerned with online security and privacy will also be reassured to know that Diamond Mansion Company's longstanding relationship with VeriSign Trusted and TRUSTe Verified means that customers can rest assured that the information they submit to our site will remain safe and confidential.

Diamond Mansion Co. knows that, like the many choices you can make when designing your own ring, you also have many choices available when you decide which retailer to patronize when purchasing an engagement or wedding ring or another type of high-end jewelry. The staff and owners of Diamond Mansion Co. would be very delighted if you choose them.

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