Manzo Pharmaceuticals Gets Remarkable Results On Human Study Of Lacto-Freedom™ For Lactose Intolerance As The Company Prepares For Production

Feb 16, 2016, 07:00 ET from Manzo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

MILFORD, Pa., Feb. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Manzo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCPink:MNZO), today announced that the human study testing results for its lactose intolerance product, Lacto-Freedom™ are so positive that the company is talking to manufacturers about beginning production.

Lacto-Freedom™ is a patented ground-breaking probiotic intended for those suffering from lactose intolerance, and the results from a recent human study have everyone involved extremely excited. Laboratory testing using rats, which are naturally lactose intolerant showed great promise, and in the latter part of 2015, the company opted to do a small human study to start. Although comprised of a small number of individuals, the results make Lacto-Freedom one of the most exciting developments in many years for those suffering from lactose intolerance.  All of the participants were able to eat and drink dairy products with no symptoms at all just 10-14 days after taking Lacto-Freedom™ for only 7 days. Two-thirds of the participants had no symptoms at all for a period of approximately two months after taking the probiotic, and one-third of the participants had no symptoms whatsoever well after three months. One subject who took Lacto-Freedom™ in October 2015 commented, "Before I couldn't eat ice cream, eat cheese, and I was even careful with butter, but now I can eat all of that in reasonable quantities and I'm fine.  In short, it remains life-changing ... It would be really hard to go back to my old life of severe intolerance."  With comments like that, its clear that Lacto-Freedom is going to completely change the landscape of the lucrative lactose intolerance market that is currently comprised of expensive pills that need to be taken right before a meal, or the unfortunate restriction of having to consume poor tasting lactose-free products. Lacto-Freedom™ frees sufferers from these expensive and difficult options and offers freedom and happiness to those who once had to worry about what they ate with every meal.

Manzo Pharmaceuticals' CEO, Ken Manzo explained, "As a licensed pharmacist, my main concern is to give people a higher quality of life. Seeing customers, as well as family and friends suffering from this life-altering condition is what motivated me in the first place to develop Lacto-Freedom™. The fact that it turns out to work as well as it does, gives me great pleasure, and I cannot in good conscience wait any longer to begin producing the product and making it available to the public." Considering the implications of the results so far, Manzo Pharmaceuticals is already speaking to several potential manufacturers and expects to have a decision in as little as a couple of weeks.  Depending on that decision,  Lacto-Freedom could be in production and out to consumers in a few months.

Being a probiotic, the human testing is not a legal requirement but the company wants to be able to state the effectiveness of the product.  The company is planning a larger more controlled study to take place post-production as well as a program to collect feedback from consumers.  In any case after many years of research and several years of testing, it would appear that Manzo pharmaceuticals is on the precipice of an industry-changing product release.  

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