Miami-Dade Police Department's 'Project Dolphin' Supports Super Bowl XLIV

Solution seamlessly integrates 64 agencies, facilitating preventive analysis and situational awareness, which contributed to improved real-time decision making

Feb 05, 2010, 15:10 ET from Microsoft

MIAMI, Feb. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Industry partners Microsoft, ESRI, GuideSTAR Technologies and Analyst International Corporation (AIC) in support of the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) today showcased additional details about intelligence methods and tools used to help secure Super Bowl XLIV. The Miami-Dade Fusion Center is deploying a new collaboration solution referred to as "Project Dolphin," optimizing the use of information technology tools from these industry partners to enhance current real-time capabilities for intake, analysis and dissemination of actionable data from local, state, national justice and public safety officials responsible for securing Super Bowl XLIV.

The technologies, capabilities and expertise of the Miami-Dade Fusion Center have led it to be one of the nation's leading fusion centers.  "Project Dolphin" facilitates immediate and enhanced information sharing and collaboration, reduces the duplication of effort, improves situational awareness, expands predictive and responsive analytics as well as supports more thorough and comprehensive investigations.  It also provides managers real-time oversight capability of case and incident management, tracking, and reporting.

Intelligence personnel often encounter difficulty working with massive amounts of information to organize, analyze and distill meaningful and usable intelligence. Without access to effective intake, analysis and dissemination of information from sources and partners, it is difficult to effectively identify patterns, trends and relevant relationships among fused data sources, thus fusion center personnel can take the wrong action or miss the opportunity to take the right action.

"Project Dolphin" incorporated the Microsoft and ESRI-developed Fusion Core Solution, which integrates Microsoft SharePoint and ESRI's ArcGIS 9.3.1 server with GuideSTAR's investigative and intel-analysis tool GS/1. The combined technologies enhance the power of instant collaboration and information sharing among analysts and investigators while giving supervisors continual oversight.  The work flow and dissemination power of SharePoint coupled with ESRI's spatial visualization of critical infrastructure and crimes have enabled the Fusion Center to provide expanded awareness for the criminal intelligence investigations being undertaken with the GuideSTAR GS/1 analytics engine.

The MDPD is the eighth largest law enforcement agency in the nation, managing one of the largest fusion centers in the country.  With the integrated "Project Dolphin" solution and the experienced teams on the ground in Miami, the work of local law enforcement experts will be bolstered through the integration of standards, authentication and information sharing.  This solution not only strengthens the ability of MDPD to prepare for future large scale events like the Super Bowl, but also serves as an example for other public safety efforts deployed to prepare for and manage large national events or natural disasters.

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