Milliman Releases MG-ALFA® Version 9.0

New version prepares clients for principles-based reserves

01 Apr, 2013, 10:00 ET from Milliman, Inc.

SEATTLE, April 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Milliman, Inc., the international firm of consultants and actuaries, today announced the release of Version 9.0 of the MG-ALFA system.  This release provides full support for the requirements of VM-20, which is becoming a critical issue for insurers as the regulation moves closer to adoption.  This release includes support for all three components of the VM-20 reserve calculation, including the Net Premium Reserve, the Deterministic Reserve, and the Stochastic Reserve.  MG-ALFA supports the valuation reserve calculations as well as projected reserves using consistent calculation logic.  This consistency enables client companies to confidently project and assess the effects of the new reserve calculations over time, while also meeting the reserve reporting requirements.

"Milliman is committed to delivering support for new regulations as they emerge, and VM-20 is one of the most material valuation changes in many years," MG-ALFA Product Manager, Van Beach, says.  "We have been on the leading edge as VM-20 has evolved. We first provided support for our clients during the Impact Study and, now that the regulation has been adopted at the NAIC level, we have delivered a complete solution for both valuing and projecting reserves under the principles-based approach."

Karen Rudolph, Milliman principal and consulting actuary, is a VM-20 expert and a user of the MG-ALFA system.  According to Ms. Rudolph, "The VM-20 enhancements in Version 9.0 will allow MG-ALFA clients to evaluate the impact of the new regulation on their balance sheets, design new products that will be competitive and profitable under the new valuation basis, and implement the appropriate model and workflow processes necessary to report and project reserves under the new paradigm.  All of this well in advance of the future operative date."


MG-ALFA is financial projection software developed and supported by Milliman and used by leading life insurance and financial firms worldwide to perform financial projections.  MG-ALFA supports a broad range of assets and liabilities and delivers functionality for the complete spectrum of actuarial modeling needs, from pricing and ALM projections to stochastic and nested stochastic analysis.  MG-ALFA is uniquely positioned to meet emerging regulatory and accounting changes around the globe and offers grid computing solutions to deliver the speed and capacity necessary to meet emerging requirements in a practical timeframe

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