Modustri Launches First App In NDT Field For Monitoring And Documenting Inspections

Modustri SS Connects with Company's Wear Measurement Device (WMD™) for Seamless Reporting

Oct 06, 2014, 14:00 ET from Modustri

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Oct. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Modustri™ introduces the first-to-market iOS iPad application designed to innovate the ultrasonic data acquisition and management process.  Modustri's tools empower field inspectors and technicians throughout the NDT (non-destructive testing), predictive maintenance and condition monitoring universe. The Modustri SS application (app) works seamlessly with the company's industry-changing ultrasonic thickness Wear Measurement Device (WMD™) to improve efficiency, accuracy and reporting functions throughout a broad spectrum of essential inspection processes.  The WMD easily and securely clips to the tablet and communicates through a patent pending Bluetooth protocol.  This hardware and software marriage is designed to revolutionize the entire landscape of non-destructive testing and preventative maintenance inspection services.

Free to download from the App Store, Modustri SS demonstrates the organization's continued commitment to utilizing 21st century technology to digitize the inspection and recording process.  Field inspection services focused upon safety and regulatory compliance will realize substantial benefits with this bundled technology by leveraging the ability to quickly catalogue and document measurement data through a sharable and verifiable platform.

Market leaders in the heavy construction industry have already capitalized on the Modustri HDE suite of hardware and software products for their undercarriage management programs.  Feedback from the field, along with customer requests, has led Modustri to open this technology to a range of industries in which it is seeking strategic partners, including energy, infrastructure, machinery production, transportation and others.  Advancements in their inspection data gathering activities will be a direct result of Modustri's adaptable and easy-to-use products.     

Michael Kucharski of MacAllister Machinery, Inc., a Caterpillar dealership, sees tremendous opportunity with this new app. "We value delivering unequalled customer solutions. With the Modustri SS app, what once took a few days and delivered questionable results now can be provided in minutes with consistency and accuracy. Our customers have shown that they see significant value in quality recommendations based on validated facts and data. This allows both business partners to provide real-time, accurate data, constant process, and accountability, while earning trust in a market place that has big data but very little useful information."

Preloaded with major material velocity properties, the Modustri SS app will allow the ultrasonic measurement of multiple material types such as steel and aluminum up to a material thickness of five inches.  Inspectors and technicians will no longer be burdened with cumbersome measurement equipment and can now access today's powerful mobile tablet technology.  Data procured in the field can now be shared instantly with customers and management offices, shortening the reporting timeline of essential information.  Advancements in safety, accuracy and efficiency are the goals shared by Modustri with the industries and applications their product suite is aimed to serve.

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