Muir Glen® Launches Rare Reserve Line Of Canned Tomatoes

'Top Chef' Winner Harold Dieterle Calls the Rich, Sweet Tasting Halley Tomatoes a Joy to Cook With

Jan 06, 2014, 10:30 ET from Muir Glen

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Muir Glen®, one of the leading organic canned tomato producers, today announced the release of its 2013 Reserve Tomato harvest. Grown and canned with the same level of passion as a delectable reserve wine, the Muir Glen Reserve Tomato harvest is grown each season on a specially selected 13-acre plot of land on a Muir Glen California farm. For Muir Glen, these Reserve Tomatoes represent the pinnacle of organic tomatoes.

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This year, the Muir Glen reserve line will feature the Halley, a rare tomato variety known for its sweet flavor and color. The Halley was one of the first varieties ever planted by Muir Glen, and so makes the 2013 Reserve Tomatoes extra special. This year's line will be presented as Diced and Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes in 14.5oz cans, and will be available at select retailers nationwide.

"Each year, we select a tomato variety that we think will best represent the qualities of deliciousness, richness and taste that embody the Muir Glen ideals," said Jennifer Jorgenson, marketing director Muir Glen. "This year, the Halley tomato in our reserve harvest represents a homage to our roots and a nod to our passion for organic tomatoes, bringing in sweet and ripe flavors that are a perfect complement to your favorite family recipes."

To commemorate the release of the 2013 Reserve Tomato line, Muir Glen partnered with renowned Chef Harold Dieterle, "Top Chef Season One" winner and owner of acclaimed New York City restaurants Perilla, Kin Shop and The Marrow, to create three distinct recipes meant to showcase the flavors and versatility of this year's harvest, including "Crispy Prawns with Tomato Nam Prik." Chef Dieterle's recipes and preparation tips can be found by visiting

"It is a priority to me to source the best-tasting ingredients grown in a way that matches my personal passion and values," said Chef Dieterle. "I assure home-chefs that Muir Glen Reserve Tomatoes are as carefully cultivated with organic growing practices as the tomatoes grown in their own gardens, delivering a balanced taste and performance in any type of recipe that will leave the whole family asking for seconds."

All Muir Glen products bear the USDA Organic seal, which means the farmers who grow each tomato follow organic farming practices and strive for a balance with nature. By focusing on soil improvement and relying on natural biological systems, these farmers are helping Muir Glen provide high quality, delicious tomatoes not only in the Muir Glen Reserve Tomato harvest, but also in all other Muir Glen canned organic tomatoes.

For more information about the 2013 Reserve Tomato line and Muir Glen's ongoing dedication to utilizing organic practices to grow great-tasting tomatoes, visit

About Muir Glen

Muir Glen was founded in 1991 by a group of socially committed entrepreneurs with extensive experience in organic farming. Today, Muir Glen produces a variety of organic food products ranging from canned organic tomatoes to pasta sauces, salsas, soups and ketchup. All Muir Glen tomatoes are field-grown and vine-ripened under certified organic practices–no synthetic pesticide and no chemical fertilizers. The company's dedication to sustainable organic farming practices coupled with their tomatoes being harvested at peak flavor and canned within hours means consumers -- from at-home cooks to top restaurant chefs -- get great-tasting tomatoes. Muir Glen products are available nationally at a variety of natural, specialty and conventional grocers. For more information visit 

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