Mushroom Networks Adds Video Armor™ to its Truffle Broadband Bonding™ Network Appliance

Video Armor, Mushroom Networks' new performance management technology built into Truffle appliance, will enhance the quality and reliability of video over IP

Mar 09, 2016, 09:03 ET from Mushroom Networks, Inc.

SAN DIEGO, March 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Mushroom Networks, Inc., innovators of Broadband Bonding™ technology, announced today Video Armor—a new solution that significantly enhances the quality and reliability of video conferencing.

Even with the proven benefits of video conferencing to businesses, adoption of video conferencing has been slower than anticipated, primarily caused by the associated high upfront capital investments and the cost of bandwidth required. Video conferencing systems are usually dependent on high bandwidth, low latency Internet connections. Because of the high Quality of Service (QoS) requirements of video conferencing, the bandwidth resources may be forced to be dedicated WAN connections, contributing to the operating expenditure of such systems. Video over IP is susceptible to inconsistencies in quality and reliability of IP for voice and video. Video Armor directly addresses and solves that problem by creating a bonded IP tunnel that adds self-healing connectivity that is optimized for video transmission protecting against any negative network conditions such as starvation, loss, latency and jitter even in the presence of cross-traffic, allowing the WAN connections to be safely shared with other applications.

Video Armor—which joins Mushroom Networks' Application Armor family—is built into Mushroom Networks' patented, flagship Truffle Broadband Bonding solutions. Truffle appliances aggregate and intelligently orchestrate multiple Internet access lines, and Video Armor shields the video against any type of WAN link performance fluctuations and link failures. The technology relies on two or more Broadband Bonded Internet links to protect the video over IP packets against loss, delay and jitter as well as against starvation from other cross traffic. The end result is that video over IP is highly reliable and consistent in quality. Video Armor also boosts simultaneous call capacity because of the increased WAN bandwidth of the bonded Internet lines.

"Video over IP makes a lot of sense for businesses, many of whom are using video conferencing, video surveillance systems, video training and more, especially because of the inherent cost savings video over IP provides. But quality and consistency concerns have slowed adoption," said Cahit Akin, CEO of Mushroom Networks. "Video Armor fixes this problem by adding a reliable and consistent overlay within the network connections, giving enterprises high-speed and redundant connectivity that leverages readily available, low-cost broadband."

About Mushroom Networks

Mushroom Networks, Inc., is a privately held company based in San Diego, CA, providing patent pending Broadband Bonding solutions to a range of Internet connection applications. The company's flagship product line serves SMBs, enterprises, multi-tenant buildings, and broadband service providers and bonds dissimilar broadband access technologies forming a single highly reliable broadband pipe that can easily scale based on needs. Mushroom Networks was a finalist for 2015 Most Innovative Product award by CONNECT, finalist for the coveted 2012 San Diego Business Journal Innovation Award, winner of the XCHANGE Tech Innovators Xcellence Award, and winner of the 2008 CONNECT® 'Most Innovative New Product' award, Network World's "top technology trend of 2008" award. For more information, please visit or call (858) 366-9255.



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