MyDoorSign Examines Corporate Colors: Practical or Full of Personality?

Sign Company's Sales and Experts Give Insight

Jan 06, 2014, 10:01 ET from MyDoorSign

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Jan. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- MyDoorSign, a leading supplier of office signs, examined 10,400 orders to uncover corporate consumers' buying patterns, analyzing companies' color choices beyond the basic black. The colors burgundy, brown, gray, and green were clear leaders in sales, while colors like yellow and orange didn't appeal to consumers.

The colors' rankings weren't surprising to experienced professors, interior designers, and artists. MyDoorsign asked these professionals to comment on the color selections and discuss the practicality or personality of the decisions.

Marlanda Gibson, chair of the Interior Design department at Sullivan College of Technology and Design, said: "Earth tones are used throughout office spaces and areas that don't have the opportunity to remodel often. Theorists surmise that this is due to the perception that earth colors are timeless, and appeal to 'most people.' Studies show that adults typically respond to primary colors as most appropriate for children, especially when all three are used in conjunction."

The sales rankings were: Burgundy (22%), Brown (18%), Gray (16%), Green (14%), Blue (12%), Red (7%), White (5%), and Gold (4%). Yellow, Wood, and Orange all ranked at less than 1%. 

Blair Brewster, CEO of MyDoorSign said, "Learning more about our consumers and their preferences has been incredibly valuable to MyDoorSign and our sales department. We hope to continue to create products that suit our customers' needs and come in colors that they desire."

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