New Innovation Management Solution TiCR Innovation Analytics™ Introduced by Synchrony Innovations

Synchrony's TiCR Innovation Analytics portfolio management solution is first ever enterprise system for quantifying the strategic value of innovation investment opportunities and R&D projects

13 Dec, 2013, 11:26 ET from SYNCHRONY INNOVATIONS

BOSTON, Dec. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Global 2000 spent over $760 Billion on R&D investments in 2012. Industry experts report that between 20% and 50% of this investment yielded no commercial value for the firms making the investment. Synchrony's TiCR Innovation Analytics platform provides corporations, as well as governments and NGOs, with an efficient and robust system for identifying which innovation investment options have the most potential to create strategic value for their specific situation.

Building on seven years of success in advising Global 2000 firms on innovation investing and providing support to their managers, Synchrony Venture Management has spun out Synchrony Innovations, which is launching TiCR Innovation Analytics, the world's first analytics platform for quantifying the strategic value of innovation investment options in corporate venture capital and research and development.

Based on the patent-pending Innovation Capital™ system of quantifying the value of innovation investment options, TiCR™ provides the CFOs, CTOs, Chief Innovation Officers, R&D heads and Corporate Venture Capital managers at Global 2000 firms with an analytics platform which systematically aligns investment decisions with strategic priorities, and supports a rigorously metricized approach to innovation investing.

According to Founder and CEO Adam Caper, "TiCR is well-differentiated from other innovation management systems in the marketplace in two ways: it looks at the substance of innovation value rather than merely focusing on innovation process, and focuses first on which problems are most important before evaluating solutions.  Our goal is to create a new standard for analyzing innovation options, and for tracking their contribution to a firm's strategic goals over time."

Synchrony Innovations has also launched a new website,, in conjunction with the launch of TiCR.

About Synchrony Innovations

Synchrony Innovations helps multinational firms unlock the power of innovation by providing rigorous tools, robust analytics, and high-value services to target the most valuable areas for innovation (i.e. corporate venture capital and R&D) investments.

Synchrony was founded by Adam Caper, a globally-recognized expert in corporate venture capital and corporate strategy, and a serial entrepreneur.  Prior to Synchrony, Adam advised many early-stage firms, including Zipcar, and London Taxi of North America, where he served on the Board of Directors. Bio at:

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