New Logo Identifies RFID Consortium Licensed Products

Feb 18, 2014, 08:00 ET from Sisvel

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Feb. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The RFID Consortium today debuted a new logo that identifies UHF RFID products manufactured and sold under a license for essential patents through the RFID Consortium. RFID Consortium members include: 3M; ETRI; LG Electronics; Motorola Solutions; Trimble Navigation Limited, ThingMagic Division; and Zebra Technologies. The Consortium promotes rapid adoption of UHF RFID technology by offering a single license to those patents owned by the participating companies that are essential to the practice of the UHF RFID standards established by EPCglobal and ISO. Sisvel US, Inc. is the administrator of the licensing program.

"This new RFID Consortium logo will be used to identify UHF RFID products provided by companies licensed through the RFID Consortium," said Jim O'Hagan, a spokesperson for the RFID Consortium and Director of Patents and Technology for Zebra Technologies. "Displaying this logo on products or supporting documentation will make it easy for end users, distributors, systems integrators, and vendors to know that products they purchase are licensed through the RFID Consortium."

The logo consists of two sets of opposing concentric curves using three colors: red, grey and black:

The concentric curves suggest the radio signal transmission and backscattered response signal used in radio frequency identification. Where color printing is not possible the logo will be used in black on white versions and reversed in white on black. Purchasers of UHF RFID products should look for the logo on products, packaging and accompanying documentation. The logo may be used by all UHF RFID Consortium licensees and should provide purchasers with peace of mind about their UHF RFID systems. "While use of the logo on UHF RFID products is only just beginning," says O'Hagan, "we expect wide adoption of this logo in the coming years."

Separately, the RFID Consortium announced that two additional companies have become licensees: Mojix, Inc. and Unitech Electronics Co., Ltd. As the latest RFID Consortium patent portfolio licensees, these companies along with existing licensees, will be able to display and use the logo in connection with their UHF RFID products.

A license to the RFID Consortium patent portfolio is available to any manufacturer or seller of UHF RFID products, and participation in the RFID Consortium UHF RFID licensing program remains open to all holders of patents essential to the UHF RFID standards. Companies interested in obtaining a portfolio license under the joint licensing program, or joining the Consortium as a member, are encouraged to contact the Program Manager, Aleks Mehrle, by e-mail at

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About the RFID Consortium

The RFID Consortium is comprised of companies that own patents essential to the practice of ultrahigh frequency radio frequency identification (UHF RFID) Standards. The RFID Consortium seeks to promote rapid adoption of UHF RFID by facilitating easier access, by manufacturers and customers alike, to patents essential to the UHF RFID Standards and to provide patent owners the opportunity to receive fair compensation for those patents, all at a reasonable cost. The current members of the RFID Consortium are: 3M Innovative Properties Company, a subsidiary of 3M Company (MMM); Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI); LG Electronics; Motorola Solutions, Inc. (MSI); Trimble Navigation Limited, ThingMagic Division (TRMB); and Zebra Technologies Corporation (ZBRA). The UHF RFID Standards referred to above are the protocols and specifications for Radio Frequency Identification air interface communications operating in the 860 MHz to 960 MHz range available from GS1/EPCglobal, and the corresponding international standards published as Type C in ISO/IEC 18000-63.

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