New Website And Podcast Announced Focused On Single Moms In America. is launched; Fills niche of single-parent woes in frank, yet sometimes, humorous, anecdotes.

Mar 11, 2016, 14:03 ET from

IRVINE, Calif., March 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- As International Women's Day week comes to a close, a new website and podcast are being announced as a tribute to working, single mothers who strive each day to balance being a good worker and a good mom. explores the trials and tribulations of what it's like to raise a child on your own. Former corporate executive Rita Augusta created the blog, offering heartfelt and honest commentary on what a woman goes through in a single-parent home.

"Some people have a misguided sentiment that single mothers and fathers choose the 'easy life' of single parenthood. But the truth is, it's so easy to feel alone and overwhelmed when it's truly you who has to do everything," she said.

Augusta has never received child support, and her son's father has rarely been around, she discusses in her podcast. At one point, her son's father asked to see him and when she asked her 10-year old if that was okay, the boy paused, then said, "No. Because I don't think he loves me."

"There's a lot of heartbreak that goes into parenthood, in general, because you simply want the best for your children. That's what it's like for mothers and fathers dedicated to their children's happiness," she said.

In Augusta's case, with both of her parents passed, she has no one to help her at all on a daily basis. She discovered there was a lack of honest, forthright information online that would help people know that they're not alone, which is why she created the site.

"People all the time tell me, 'Oh, it'll get better,' but when? And how?" said Augusta. "I want people to share their experiences, no matter how hard they were - to encourage other women - not just that they can make it through, but 'how.'" also includes a podcast where real women speak about issues with parenting, working, childcare and the resentment that sometimes accompanies life when "having it all" means having to do it all - by yourself.