New York-based company VistaBPO launches to improve the consumer experience for health insurance customers across the country

Brings innovative technology and specialized customer service to the health insurance payer marketplace- optimizing member acquisition, retention and risk scores for carriers.

18 Feb, 2016, 10:31 ET from VistaBPO

SUFFERN, N.Y., Feb. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- VistaBPO, a Suffern, NY.-based company, announced the official launch of their technology-enabled health plan consumer engagement platform. VistaBPO leverages specialized consumer engagement with secure and innovative technology to deliver an exceptional consumer experience to health insurance customers. Insurance carriers rely on VistaBPO to deliver increased member retention, risk score optimization and reduced member acquisition costs.

"Since the launch of the Affordable Care Act 3 years ago, there is an essential need in the health insurance industry to align customer service with what consumers have come to expect from other service-oriented businesses," said Simon Bukai, President of VistaBPO. "VistaBPO was created to help drive consumer satisfaction levels higher than previously thought possible while at the same time motivating member behavior to maximize risk scores."

VistaBPO's leadership team is comprised of industry experts including senior insurance carrier executives, senior operations personnel and delivery systems specialists. VistaBPO's scalable consumer engagement service is built to deliver an uncompromising member experience in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment. VistaBPO maximizes risk scores and reduces member acquisition costs for carriers.

"VistaBPO leverages cutting-edge customer contact center technology with personalized customer service to educate consumers about their health plan in a way that has not been done previously," said Bukai. "Our goal is to make sure insurance customers understand every aspect of their policy- from their copays to their deductibles- and what it all means for their health coverage and their wallet."

William M. Friedman, SVP of Sales and Marketing for Vista VPO added, "VistaBPO drives member satisfaction by providing the consumer with positive interactions that they are not accustomed to receiving or even expecting from an insurance company. We create positive, memorable consumer experiences in an industry that maintains a reputation for adversarial consumer experience."

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About VistaBPO: VistaBPO is a technology-enabled health plan consumer engagement platform that provides customer retention, member acquisition and risk adjustment optimization services for health insurance payers.  Founded in January 2016, VistaBPO was born from the idea that health insurance customers deserve a better consumer experience when shopping the marketplace. VistaBPO's senior leadership team is comprised of health insurance industry, carrier and operational experts.

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