OATRA Makes Strong Case Opposing SB 273

President Jim McKinney and other Ohio auto recyclers testify about the significant negative impacts of Senate Bill 273.

05 Dec, 2012, 14:51 ET from Ohio Auto and Truck Recyclers Association (OATRA)

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Dec. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Members of the Ohio Auto and Truck Recyclers Association (OATRA) including President Jim McKinney and Member Steve Shaffer testified yesterday in opposition to Senate Bill 273.  In a hearing held by the House Insurance Committee, OATRA's representatives and other Ohio recyclers provided well-reasoned arguments against passing SB 273, which would radically undo the laws governing how salvaged automobiles are sold in the state. 

At the heart of the legislation is a measure, pressed for by insurance companies and the auction houses, which would allow anyone, including unqualified and unlicensed individuals, to purchase salvage vehicles.  This proposed change in the law is highly controversial and would undercut current protections that have been in place for nearly three decades. 

An amendment was adopted last week in the Committee that would strip away multiple layers of consumer protections, limit law enforcement oversight and jeopardize motorist safety by making it easier for severely damaged vehicles to return to Ohio's roads.

"We find the current version of this legislation unacceptable, not only to our industry, but for our state," said OATRA President Jim McKinney.  "There is a reason that damaged vehicles are placed into different categories for sale.  Some simply do not belong back on the road.  The ones that are OK to go back on the road already can be sold to individuals.  The unrepairable ones, which pose danger to the public and are targets for car thieves, are restricted to be auctioned to recyclers.  It just makes common sense."

McKinney used the opportunity to appear before the Committee to reiterate OATRA's willingness and desire to arrive at a true compromise, and urged legislators not to move forward with a bill that "serves the interests of a few major corporations at the expense of small businesses and consumers in Ohio."  Said McKinney: "I am asking you all to do the right thing and let's reconsider this dangerous legislation.  Let's work together to come up with a plan that is safe and fair for everyone." 

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SOURCE Ohio Auto and Truck Recyclers Association (OATRA)