Ohio-Based Affiliate Retailer of Personal Protection Products Announces New Online Store

Mar 22, 2012, 13:42 ET from Gabela Online Solutions LLC

NEW CONCORD, Ohio, March 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Ohio-based affiliate retailer of Phazzer™ personal protection and security products, Gabela Online Solutions LLC, today announced the launch of a new online store at www.MyPhazzerStopsYou.com.

MyPhazzerStopsYou.com operates as a direct referral to an online assortment of non-lethal personal defense products and security items made by Phazzer. Products found within the online store include conductive energy weapons, DVR sunglasses, DVR key chains and other security accessories.

The Web site contains additional information on stun gun laws and regulations for each state, and visitors are advised to review before purchasing anything. The Web site also offers side by side comparisons where visitors can compare Phazzer products to other brand name products.

President of Gabela Online Solutions LLC, Tia Rex, said, "As a new affiliate retailer, we weren't sure which products to recommend to our consumers. When our goal became protecting individuals and their families, we knew the Phazzer Brand was the perfect partner. Their products are not only cutting edge, but are some of the highest quality products around. And most importantly, their products are geared towards personal safety." 

New products are added to the site routinely and items purchased can be shipped anywhere in the United States. All major credit cards are accepted.  Customer service can be contacted by filling out a form on the Web site.

For more information on Gabela Online Solutions LLC, and its newest affiliate retail Web site, visit www.MyPhazzerStopsYou.com

SOURCE Gabela Online Solutions LLC