Oil Debacle, Hillary Clinton Trials Predicted By Two Guys From Verona

Mar 02, 2016, 08:45 ET from Two Guys From Verona

RIDGEFIELD, N.J., March 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Early in 2015 two prognosticators ahead of other commentators warned their news audiences about the coming meltdown in oil prices and Hillary Clinton's trials threatening her presidential ambitions.

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Because they are often ahead of the news and by popular demand, Dan Perkins and Donald Mazzella talk about events and trends facing America today.   Their program, Two Guys From Verona is heard every Tuesday at 8pm on www.w4cy.com and radio stations around the country.

At times contentious and always interesting, Dan Perkins and Donald Mazzella talk about events and trends facing America today.  These two knowledgeable pundits are breaking new ground in talk radio. Their program evolved from regular joint appearances on other talk shows and carved out their own show at the request of listener around the country.

During this period and with a prophetic pen, Perkins regularly warned audiences of the coming opportunities and traps associated with the decline of oil prices from $100-a-barrel to today's below $30 price points. Now, in this and other trends, Perkins sees both perils and triumphs ahead for America.

For almost half a century, Palisades Park resident Don Mazzella has covered world and national events. He was among the first to predict the now apparent rocky road to the Democratic presidential nomination for Mrs. Clinton.

Dan's most recent enterprise is the foundation that he and his wife, Gerri, founded in 2015, called Songs and Stories for Soldiers. This 501c(3) nonprofit already serves over 4,000 soldiers and veterans in VA hospitals across the United States in just one year. Dan has authored a very popular modern day terrorist Trilogy called The Brotherhood of the Red Nile. In addition to his foundation and writing, Dan is a Registered Investment Advisor with over 43 years of experience in managing money. He also writes current events commentary for the Hill.com, Reaganbaby.com. thedailysurge.com, and clashdaily.com.

Don is COO and Editorial Director of Information Strategies, Inc., a Ridgefield, NJ company that helps small business managers, HR professionals, Healthcare stakeholders improve profits. He is on the boards of a medical marijuana non-profit and The National Robotics Education Foundation. He has authored, co-authored and ghost written a number of books. The first of his trilogy, An American Sampler, the saga of two American families, one white, one black from 1806-2000 is just published by Brick Tower Press

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