OptiCool Announces Cooling Solution Is Seismic-Rated

16 Mar, 2016, 10:30 ET from OptiCool Technologies

WEBSTER, N.Y., March 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- OptiCool Technologies announces its data center rack cooling solution is NEBS Zone 4 Seismic GR-63 compliant, having passed rigorous testing where the data center cooling system remained operational after the equivalent of an 8.3 seismic event.  

OptiCool® is a data center cooling leader specializing in rack containment solutions using refrigerant to efficiently transfer heat away from computer-based electronics.  Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS) GR-63-CORE is the industry's most stringent seismic standard incorporating a requirement for passing rigorous shaker table vibration testing.

"OptiCool is the premier seismic-rated rack containment cooling solution in the market today," said Jeff Burke, President at OptiCool Technologies.  "Our customers expect OptiCool to provide innovative data center cooling solutions that can also withstand harsh environmental conditions, including major earthquakes."  On a go-forward basis all core products offered by the company will be seismic compliant.  "OptiCool sets the standard for modularity, adaptability, efficiency, and now, ruggedness," said Burke. 

About OptiCool Technologies

OptiCool Technologies specializes in refrigerant-based rack containment cooling solutions which support a twenty year lifespan a wide variety of data center applications.  All core cooling products are seismic compliant.  OptiCool® delivers elegant yet rugged solutions that can adapt to any cabinet enclosure, and any environment such as the retrofit of existing data center facilities or new data center construction.  The OptiCool® rack containment cooling solution is modular by design which creates a unique ability to scale from low-density through high-density cooling in the same row of equipment.  OptiCool Technologies manufactures the award-winning OptiCool® data center cooling products from its corporate headquarters located in Webster, New York.


SOURCE OptiCool Technologies