Publishes Checklist on Steps to Improve your Credit Score

Consumer finance site publishes a free step-by-step checklist to assist consumers with improving and maintaining their credit scores

May 06, 2013, 09:00 ET from

CHICAGO, May 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --, the McAfee Secure™ certified personal loan credit aggregator and information resource, announces the publication of a new article. The site has written a step-by-step checklist for consumers to use to understand their credit scores and take action to improve them.

Entitled "6 Simple Ways to Improve your Credit Score," the article examines the rudiments of credit scoring by revealing the component parts and how each of these interrelates to achieve the overall scored number. Motivated by a desire to increase the level of knowledge within the consumer realm regarding good and bad credit, the site has made the checklist available on its website for free.

The website made the announcement in the following statement.

"There exists among consumers struggling with debt and bad credit a lot of confusion and misinformation regarding credit scoring and how it operates. If given wrong or incorrect guidance, the negative impact this can have can remain on an individual's credit file for up to six or seven years in some instances. The stakes are therefore high and we have produced a guide that will give accurate, actionable steps to follow in order to improve and maintain a better credit score. We invite consumers to visit to read the checklist and follow its simple advice for a better score."

The article busts several myths surrounding credit scoring, such as the controversial practice of closing down paid off credit cards. Due to the fact that every new credit inquiry decreases scores in the same way that inactive cards also do, the site recommends that old credit cards are kept open and used moderately from time to time. The key advice from this point is that any use on the card needs to be mitigated with regular and timely repayments. The checklist explains that this is because all positive credit activity is recorded and reported by the credit reference agencies, boosting scores accordingly. is not a lender. It is a loan aggregator specialist that introduces consumers to a network of bad credit lenders through a fast and free online application. It is also committed to improving consumer financial education through its library of articles, guides and checklists.

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