PlaceIQ Developing Proprietary Consumer Insights Platform Illuminating Real World Consumer Behavior

Interactive Data Exploration Lets Marketers Dynamically Augment, Refine Campaigns

Apr 03, 2014, 09:47 ET from PlaceIQ

NEW YORK, April 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- PlaceIQ,  the company building more accurate audiences with location, time, and real world behavior, today announced it is developing a proprietary Consumer Insights Platform that will enable customers to explore real world consumer behavior through PlaceIQ's petabyte-scale location intelligence data set.

Launching in mid-2014, the Platform allows brands to understand aggregate human behavior as consumers move through time and space, revealing the actual consumer journey in a completely new way, combining physical real world behaviors with digital data and interactions.

Marketers and brands will benefit from an interactive and visual exploration interface on top of the PlaceIQ proprietary dataset enabling an exploration of the relationships between a wide variety of places and behaviors including retail visitation, recreation, travel, dining, automotive and many more. These never-before exposed data will be tied back to PlaceIQ campaign reporting and advanced analytics for clients' use in planning, buying, product strategy, distribution, media mix modeling and other critical marketer, agency and publisher functions.

This Platform provides a window for clients to better understand how people truly behave including insight into the types of consumers visiting a specified location, the places those consumers were in prior to visiting, how visitor profiles differ based on seasonality, time of day and competitive pressure and what elements are unique about the visitors themselves. Once these attributes are discovered and defined, users can then build audience segments that best suit the organizations' needs. 

Activation and application of these advanced insights refine and augment existing marketing efforts.  The result will include better planning and definition, better audience engagement, returns on spend and a whole new set of detailed analytics using location as a proxy to understand audience.

"Our vision is to enable a real world understanding of human behavior through this Platform," said Duncan McCall, CEO of PlaceIQ. "We will be able to help clients learn more about their audiences and their interactions, by understanding the consumer journey across the physical and digital worlds in a completely new way. We believe this type of platform will help enable the next generation of customer relationship management and ultimately what we think will be the start of the long awaiting promise of true 1:1 marketing."

PlaceIQ's Consumer Insights Platform expands the company's ability to deliver deeper and more actionable insights about consumers and the best ways organizations can interact with them. The effort is a broader construct based on the company's data set analysis supremacy in mobile, location and behavior. It delivers consumer discovery, engagement and activation solutions for the right consumers that lead them to desired brand actions and destinations at scale. 

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