Power Outages Remain High Across the East, Southeast

Flooding and high winds cause further damage

Oct 31, 2012, 19:01 ET from Generac

WAUKESHA, Wis., Oct. 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Although Hurricane Sandy has passed, millions are still without power across the east coast.  Power restoration is progressing slowly; however, subsequent flooding and wind from the storm are causing outages to rise in some areas.

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are experiencing increased outages due to flooding, and Ohio has had a slight increase due to the remaining windy conditions that resulted from the storm.

Below please find a summary of outages caused by Hurricane Sandy and subsequent weather conditions:

  • Current Utility Customer Outages as of 4:00PM CST Wednesday: 5,595,980
  • Total Utility Customers Affected so far (Current + Restored): 8,205,855
  • The majority of the outages are in New Jersey and New York, where approximately 4 million people remain without power.

The breakdown of outages, both current and restored, is as follows:

  • Connecticut: 454,892 (Restored: 197,536)
  • Delaware: 5,503 (Restored:  76,529)
  • Florida:  0 (10,573 Restored)
  • Georgia:  0 (7,000 Restored)
  • Indiana:  0 (25,535 Restored)
  • Illinois:  0 (2,879 Restored)
  • Kentucky: 2,599 (Restored: 8,400)
  • Maine:  3,739 (Restored: 77,025)
  • Maryland: 83,367 (Restored: 309,242)
  • Massachusetts: 69,273 (Restored: 246,084)
  • Michigan:  25,000 (Restored: 145,572)
  • New Jersey: 1,811,829 (Restored: 222,374)
  • New York: 1,897,835 (Restored: 235,462)
  • North Carolina: 364 (Restored: 19,708)
  • New Hampshire: 46,724 (Restored: 104,927)
  • Ohio: 159,387 (Restored: 129,340)
  • Pennsylvania: 764,513 (Restored: 309,804)
  • Rhode Island: 41,565 (Restored: 67,525 )
  • South Carolina: 0 (Restored: 3,411)
  • Vermont: 0 (Restored: 43,000)
  • Virginia: 19,570 (Restored: 146,793)
  • West Virginia: 202,560 (Restored: 67,457)
  • Ontario Province, Canada: 7,260 (Restored: 144,740)

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