President Trumka, AFL-CIO, Receives World Peace Prize

Feb 04, 2016, 11:04 ET from Irish National Caucus

WASHINGTON, Feb. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The President of the largest federation of unions in the United States was presented with the World Peace Prize on Tuesday, February 3.

The AFL-CIO is composed of fifty-six national and international unions, which represent over 12 million active and retired workers. Its president, Richard L.Trumka, at a ceremony at the AFL-CIO headquarters, was feted as a "steadfast peace-builder because of his lifelong  work for decent jobs with just wages."

Fr. Sean Mc Manus— Chief Judge of the World Peace Prize Awarding Council and President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus—said in his introductory speech:

"In reality and in practice, the most immediate way for the ordinary person to get a chance at basic justice is to get a decent job, with a just wage, without any discrimination for any reason. So the struggle for justice, for the ordinary person, on the ordinary day, is a struggle for fair employment. And without the struggle for fair employment, there is no justice. Job discrimination is one of the main pillars of injustice the world over. And that is why American companies overseas can do so much good if they do not allow themselves to be caught up in discrimination, and that they insist on practicing fair employment wherever they are located— no exceptions.

Our International and Inter-Faith Board of Judges reasoned, if fair employment is, so to speak, the daily-bridge between justice and peace —the day-to-day nexus between justice and peace— then, those who spend their lives working for decent jobs with just wages, are indeed the true and steadfast peace builders. And if one wants to find the person who perfectly personifies this — well, look no further, it is the President of the AFL-CIO."

President Trumka expressed deep appreciation for the honor, endorsed Fr. Mc Manus' linkage of fair employment with justice and peace.

He also on behalf of the AFL-CIO praised Fr. Mc Manus for his lifelong work for fair employment justice and peace— and pledged the AFL-CIO's continued solidarity.

The world leader and founder of the World Peace Award, Dr. Han Min Su was unable to attend , but Dr. Kim Chai Ho from Seoul delivered Dr. Han's remarks, which declared President Trumka a "most worthy recipient of the World Peace prize." Dr. Kim then presented President Trumka with the World Peace Prize medallion, placing it over President Trumka's neck and shoulders. Princess Kaoru Nakamaru from Japan also participated in the investiture.

The Princess is the Chairperson of the International Affairs Institute for World Peace, and a World Peace Prize Judge who has visited over 186 countries advocating for peace. She is an inspirational spiritual teacher, journalist and author—having written 90 books.

The ceremony was masterly chaired by Barbara Flaherty, Executive Vice President of the Irish National Caucus, and also a Judge on the World Peace Prize Awarding Council.

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