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  • Has Intel Really Beaten ARM? EE Times Community Spotlights Benchmarks' Vagaries
  • Smithfield Farms Sale Part of Industry Trend
  • Employers Need to Pay Heed to Workplace Heat
  • Prevention Can Curb ADA Lawsuits
  • Juiced Baseballs Offer Compliance Lessons


  • Editor-in-Chief – InsideCounsel (IL)
  • General Assignment Reporter – Bay Area News (CA)
  • News Editor – Dow Jones (NY)


  • Media 411: Getting Even With TV News Attention Hogs
  • Photojournalism in 2013
  • How to Get Started in Science Writing



Has Intel Really Beaten ARM? EE Times Community Spotlights Benchmarks' Vagaries
Patrick Mannion
Vice President/Brand Director Electronics Group
UBM Tech
"The electronics industry has been abuzz around new AnTuTu benchmark results and a recent ABI Research report claiming, 'Intel apps processor outperforms Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Samsung.' Has Intel surpassed the entire ARM ecosystem in mobile processors for the all-important high-end smartphone segment? In response to the report, EE Times community member Jim McGregor investigated further and compiled a variety of benchmark information from tech reviewers, benchmarking organizations and other industry resources. In particular, he looked at processors from Samsung, Intel and Qualcomm and, in effect, debunked the entire report, showing that ARM-based processors came out on top. At the same time, he pointed to the nuances and traps of processor benchmarking in general. Despite what seemed a fairly comprehensive conclusion, the EE Times community took McGregor's analysis, and benchmarking in general, to task, with an emphasis on power consumption. To see the latest comments and join in the discussion, go to: Has Intel really beaten ARM?"
Media Contacts: Patrick Mannion,, or Junko Yoshida,

Smithfield Farms Sale Part of Industry Trend
Clayton Bailey
Agribusiness Attorney
Bailey Brauer PLLC in Dallas
"The controversy surrounding the potential sale of the world's largest pork supplier, U.S.-based Smithfield Farms, to the Chinese company Shuanghui International was the subject of recent hearings by the U.S. Senate's Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry Committee. Much of the concern lies within the realm of politics, economics and foreign policy, but this deal indicates a much deeper problem in the agricultural industry. A major driver for these hearings is a now-clear trend of foreign companies acquiring U.S. meat companies. The U.S. ethanol program, which encourages the use of corn for fuel, has significantly raised feed prices for meat producers and left them financially weakened and vulnerable to acquisition by foreign interests."
News Contact: Amy Hunt,

Employers Need to Pay Heed to Workplace Heat
Audrey Mross
Labor and Employment Attorney
Munck Wilson Mandala in Dallas
"Now that we're into the summer months, smart employers need to give consideration to the fact that workers can be somewhat hot, both in temperature and otherwise. OSHA requirements call on employers to provide a workplace free of recognized hazards, and that includes extreme heat. To make things easier, OSHA now has a 'Heat Safety Tool' app with a heat-risk index calculator. And then, there's the other kind of workplace heat. Plain and simple -- some clothing is fine for a night out, but inappropriate at work. It's always a good idea to remind people about any dress code requirements you've established in order to maintain the proper professional appearance in the workplace."
News Contact: Dave Moore,

Prevention Can Curb ADA Lawsuits
Bill Chamblee
Trial Attorney
Chamblee Ryan Kershaw & Anderson in Dallas
"Americans with Disabilities Act-related litigation is increasingly negatively impacting Texas companies, but a few simple preventive steps can help companies avoid becoming part of the costly trend. ADA suits have more than doubled in Texas since 2008 for a variety of reasons. In many cases, these suits are filed by attorneys and clients who aim to enrich themselves, but do little to actually improve the lives of the disabled. Regardless, the best way to avoid costly ADA litigation -- involving either workplace compliance or disabled access at public places -- is to check with experts to make sure everything complies with ADA standards. That small investment in effort and expense can save employers tens of thousands of dollars down the road."
News Contact: Dave Moore,

Juiced Baseballs Offer Compliance Lessons
Tom Fox
FCPA and Compliance Ethics Lawyer and Blogger
Tom Fox Law in Houston
"The commissioner of Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball league is coming under fire for quietly approving changes to the league's baseballs in order to generate more hits and home runs. As with corporate compliance, the problem often isn't the decision itself as much as the lack of transparency, which can give the appearance of fraud or deception after the fact. The important lesson for businesses in Japan and elsewhere is that even if they don't actively cover up policy changes or an actual error, they risk magnifying a mistake in the public's eye by not being forthcoming about the changes. The new Nippon league ball probably would have been OK with fans and players originally, but the commissioner's lack of candor caused a scandal, not to mention some wildly skewed ERAs and hitting stats."
News Contact: Mary Flood,



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