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Jul 21, 2014, 14:15 ET from ProfNet

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  • Workplace Stress: What Drives It and How to Alleviate It
  • What Baby Boomers Can Learn From the Greatest Generation to Prepare for Retirement
  • How to Financially Prepare for Aging Parents


  • Sports Reporter - The Daily Journal (NJ)
  • Reporter/Editor - The Lake Gazette (MO)
  • Assistant Managing Editor - Reminder Publications (MA)


  • Media 411: Avoiding Clichés
  • Neutral vs. Regional Accents On-Air: How to Decide What Works Best for You
  • Insider Tips for Book Promotion


Workplace Stress: What Drives It and How to Alleviate It
Dr. Dave Sharar
Managing Director
Chestnut Global Health
"Business leaders here and abroad are starting to understand the need for systematic, scientifically proven approaches in alleviating the behaviors and conditions that compromise employee performance. Managing the stress and the counterproductive behaviors that often result, is critical -- but the key to success when engaging different populations in different parts of the world is to place these programs in a 'culturally aware' context, which lowers barriers and improves both engagement and outcomes."
Dr. Sharar can speak to the cultural/social/economic drivers in the U.S., as well as in China, Russia, India, Brazil, etc., and why a "culturally attuned" approach is key to engagement, utilization and positive outcomes. He has written articles for over 70 publications, many peer-reviewed, and based in Bloomington, Ill.
ProfNet Profile:
Media Contact: Charles Epstein,

What Baby Boomers Can Learn From the Greatest Generation to Prepare for Retirement
Mary Miller
Chief Financial Officer
Front Porch
"Plan for both the early and later years of retirement. Most of our residents are in their early 80s and they tend to be planners. That has made it possible for many of them to transition comfortably from a stage of retirement when they spent time and energy on travel, dining out, socializing and even working, to a more sedentary stage of life where health concerns demand more of their attention."
Miller is the chief financial officer of Front Porch, a not-for-profit support system for a family of companies that serve individuals and families through full-service retirement, active adult communities, affordable housing communities, and related management and development services. In her role of CFO, she has contributed greatly to the success of the organization, leveraging her expertise in strategy development and execution, capital markets, team development, and driving consistent revenue and margin growth.
Miller is an avid SCUBA diver and enjoys exploring marine life around the world with her husband Joel and volunteering at hospitals and senior homes with her certified therapy dog, Remy.
Media Contact: Chris Navalta,

How to Financially Prepare for Aging Parents
Bijan Golkar, CFP
Vice President/Senior Advisor
FPC Investment Advisory, Inc.
Sometimes the hardest subjects for a family to talk about are also the most important ones. A great example of this is elder care. How aging parents will be cared for, and how that care will be paid for, is a topic that most adult children and their parents would, understandably, prefer to avoid. But it's a topic that absolutely should be broached head on. Why? Because avoiding a conversation about aging can lead to severe financial and personal impact down the road for senior parents and their adult children alike. Says Golkar: "We'd all like to believe that we'll live a long, healthy life and die peacefully in our sleep. And some of us will. But we shouldn't bet our family's finances on it."
Golkar has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, Yahoo Finance, The Fiscal Times, Bankrate and He is located in San Francisco.
ProfNet Profile:
Media Contact: Steve Garmhausen,



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