Puration, Inc. Announces Preliminary Revenue Forecast Of $3 Million

12 Jul, 2016, 09:00 ET from Puration, Inc.

DALLAS, July 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Puration, Inc. (PURA) (OTC: PURA) Announces a preliminary revenue forecast of $3 Million. Over the previous 12 months, Puration has been developing and testing commercial applications of a patented cannabis extraction process.  The CEO, Brian Shibley, recently published an online presentation outlining the Company's strategy to bring a variety of cannabis extracts to market.  The Company currently projects its cannabis extract business plan to generate $3 million in revenue over the next 12 months.

Excerpt From CEO's Presentation 'A Little Dab'll Do Ya' 

"The patented extraction process utilized by PURA gives us the ability to produce a consistent and high quality [extract] for the legal recreational and medical marijuana markets.  We believe consistent quality is the key.  Starbucks has grown into a multibillion dollar multinational corporation providing a consistent, high quality product.  In BeijingDallas or New York, a quad, non-fat, one raw sugar latte is a quad, non-fat, one raw sugar latte no matter where you order it.  We're aiming to provide Starbucks-like consistency with our PURA-DAB."

The forecasted revenue is anticipated from multiple collaboration agreements now in the works with a variety of food and beverage companies that will infuse Puration's extracts into their products.  

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Brian Shibley
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