Purina ONE® Invites Cat Lovers To Create Their Own Puzzle Feeders At Maker Faire

DIY Projects Help Enrich the Lives of Cats

Sep 17, 2013, 11:05 ET from Purina ONE

ST. LOUIS, Sept. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Purina ONE is inviting all attendees to tap into their cat-inspired craftiness at Maker Faire. Purina ONE believes what you feed your cat is just as important as how you feed your cat. To illustrate that, the Purina ONE tent at Maker Faire, taking place in New York on Sept. 21 and 22, will host do-it-yourself (DIY) activities for cat lovers of all ages, highlighting how puzzle feeders play into cats' natural instincts and create an enriched feeding experience. Purina ONE will also display numerous puzzle feeders made from items around the house to inspire visitors to find creative ways to bring activity to their cat's mealtime.

"Puzzle feeders appeal to cats' natural desire for physical and mental stimulation, challenging them to hunt for their food," says Aaron Williams, brand manager of Purina ONE brand cat food. "Purina ONE's True Nature of Cats movement is about letting our cats be who they were born to be through proper nutrition and enriching experiences—creating your own puzzle feeder is just one way cat owners can be a part of this movement."

Maker Faire attendees will have the opportunity to create their own puzzle feeders at the Purina ONE tent. The create station will offer supplies and step-by-step instructions for fun puzzle feeders, while the invent station will challenge participants to think outside the box and design their own puzzle feeder. Finished designs will have the chance to become a part of Purina ONE's showcase of DIY cat projects on Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/purinaonecat/diy-cat-projects/), where the brand will also showcase unique submissions it has received from its True Nature of Cats community over the last month. Additionally, the Purina ONE tent will feature an interactive photo experience that allows participants to show off their creations and share the images on their social media pages with the hashtag #DIYcat.

Enriching the feeding experience of cats with things like puzzle feeders is core to Purina ONE's True Nature of Cats movement. By studying African wildcats, an ancestor to the domestic cat, Purina ONE identified several ways to enrich the lives of domestic cats, including the right activity and proper nutrition. This was the inspiration behind the Purina ONE® SMARTBlend® Healthy Metabolism™ wet and dry formulas, which are specially formulated for the nutritional needs of spayed and neutered cats.

Find out more at www.PurinaOne.com/TrueNatureofCats and Facebook.com/TheTrueNatureofCatsbyPurinaONE.

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