Revolutionary Sex Aid Promises to Transform the Sex Lives of Millions of Men With Erectile Dysfunction

Sep 26, 2016, 06:00 ET from Tyna International Limited

LONDON, September 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

A new device that promises to beat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, and help men last for as long as they desire has taken the sex aid marketplace by storm.

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Gaining global recognition, the device, called 'Stays-Hard' holds the penis aloft to maintain an erection, even after orgasm.

It is safe to use with condoms and other contraceptives, and can be fitted by either partner in just a few seconds. Unlike the various pills, pumps and surgical options currently available, it is inexpensive and has no side effects.

The device aims to help the estimated 300 million men worldwide with erectile dysfunction, and the massive 30% of men who will experience premature ejaculation at some stage.

When first going on sale last month, its British manufacturer, Tyna International, sold out almost immediately, attracting strong interest from both customers and commercial distributors all over the globe.

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A lack of sex is blamed for the breakdown of as many as one-in-five relationships.

Though targeted at the 40s-60s, it could also transform the sex lives of many men including the elderly and disabled without the need for invasive surgery.

It could also help the estimated 7% of men in their 20s and 11% in their 30s who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Stays-Hard elongates the penis allowing for increased blood flow, it is comfortable, easy to use and pleasurable for both partners, giving a natural feeling.

Existing treatments have long been derided. Surgery is expensive and invasive, while critics say vacuum pumps do not always work and ruin the spontaneity of sex. Viagra doesn't work for all men and can cause a string of unpleasant side effects.

Stays-Hard took five years of research and was developed with advice from urologists and Professor Peter Ford of De Montfort University. A series of successful case studies in men of all ages demonstrated the device's ability to maintain a pain-free erection, even after ejaculation.

Richard Wylie, the managing director of Tyna International and a former non-medical partner at a prestigious London Medical Clinic, said the Stays-Hard device will bring hope to millions of men seeking prolonged intimacy without pills or expensive surgery.

"Erectile dysfunction is a nightmare situation. When a man loses his potency, it's like he loses his life," he said.

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