Richard Neal's "Kingdom of the Antichrist" Corrects Generations of End-Time Prophetic Misinterpretations By Setting Forth a New End-Time Paradigm New Interpretation Examines the Overwhelming Role Islam Will Play in End-Time Events, while also Identifying the Antichrist and the False Prophet.

LAS VEGAS, May 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Author Richard Neal approaches eschatology, or end-time prophecy, from the perspective of a historian as well a theologian. After poring over many Old and New Testament prophecies, as well as the foundational texts of Rabbinic Judaism, Gnosticism, Islam and the early Church, he has arrived at a new end-time paradigm that clears away a century of misguided interpretations.

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"Kingdom of the Antichrist" is intended to speak directly to leaders within the church, as well as to lay people interested in eschatology. Hopefully doing so will help correct decades of confusion. "Today's misinterpretations of end-time prophecies stem from a "Cold War Era" ideology that placed Europe and the Christian West against the former atheistic Soviet Empire," says Neal. Biblical eschatology, Neal argues, is only concerned with Gog and his ten nation coalition force, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel, the Church and the infamous "beast" or world-empire he terms the "Kingdom of the Antichrist." He goes on to say that by shoehorning the geo-political events of the 19th and 20th centuries to fit Biblical prophecy is not just wrongheaded, but dangerous.

In the early stages of his research for "Kingdom of the Antichrist," Neal realized that a proper view of end time prophecies requires a thorough and accurate understanding of both Biblical time periods - including the often overlooked but immensely important intertestamental period - and the characters that populate Scripture. "History is very important when it comes to understanding the end-time paradigm," explained Neal. "The past is the rubric that helps us see the present in a new light and anticipate what the future might bring. We must also understand that history is always contested, with competing and overlapping stories. Separating the threads of history to arrive at a more accurate timeline has been a profound challenge."

Neal's book reveals several key findings that will likely change people's thinking toward where humanity stands in relation to the beginning of eschatological events. For example, Neal takes an in-depth look at Islam - its origins, beliefs, and rituals, as well as Islam's particular eschatological beliefs which are of great importance, but little known in the West. He also discusses how, exactly, those eschatological beliefs and anticipations dovetail with the eschatological beliefs and anticipations of Christianity. In the "Kingdom of the Antichrist," Neal also identifies the various characters and nations involved in "The War of Gog and Magog," as well as the all-important and mysterious "fourth beast," or empire, from the Books of Daniel and Revelation. He also definitively identifies the Antichrist himself and the False Prophet. Neal is among the first researchers to completely shake off the old Eurocentric interpretation of end-time events and offers a completely new paradigm for the end of this age.

Even more startlingly, Neal contends that civilization is now on the precipice of the beginning of end-time events, and that the "spirit of the antichrist" is now driving various world powers into taking their predestined positions on the final stage of world history. He urges the church to prepare the flock for the next prophetic event which will soon come to pass - the infamous "War of Gog and Magog."

"Kingdom of the Antichrist/Rise of the Beast" is published by Mill City Press of Minneapolis and is now available at, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

About the Author

Richard Neal is neither a Preacher nor an Evangelist. He is, however, what the early Church called an "Apologist" – someone who defends the faith. The reason Mr. Neal finds himself in the position of being an Apologist today is undoubtedly due to his knowledge and understanding of various religions and histories. As a result, the "Kingdom of the Antichrist/Rise of the Beast" is a culmination of a decade of painstaking research. One of the consequences of his studying various religions and cultures over the years has been to bring Mr. Neal into direct contact with many different cultures and many of their religious leaders. Therefore, not only has he spent the past forty years of his life in the study of comparative religions and various histories, but he also spent twenty years of his life in a quasi-monastic existence which, at times, not only connected him with religious leaders from various cultures and faiths, including many atheists and evolutionists, etc., but also allowed Mr. Neal – indeed forced him at times – into many open debates in front of various sized groups, often in hostile environments, in defense of the Christian faith.


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