Ripple Media Group to Offer Agencies Programmatic Media Buying Services

Mar 10, 2016, 14:11 ET from Ripple Media Group

NEW YORK, March 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Ripple Media Group, a New York-based recruitment media buying team, announced today its intent to partner with recruitment marketing and advertising agencies.  Ripple works with the leading recruitment media vendors, while leveraging big data and programmatic tools, to drive greater employer performance and agency margins.

Kyle Leigh, Co-Founder and President, says that "employers are asking their agencies for greater returns from their media investments.  Prices are increasing and the labor supply is shrinking, while talent acquisition budgets have not budged much in recent years.  'Programmatic' has increasingly become less of just a buzzword, therefore, and more of a required agency offering.  Ripple empowers agencies with an immediate programmatic offering, and it does so while yielding even greater earning potentials."

Ripple's team of media traders takes the difficult and costly task of managing programmatic media buys off of the agency's hands, enabling it to focus more on its key operations. Ripple employs economically-minded experts to actively manage and trade pay-per-click and pay-per-applicant media buys.  It leverages the power of industry-leading platforms, including Clickcast, to programmatically buy clicks and applications in real time.  Because of Ripple's immense buying power, it has created unique media source relationships that are currently unavailable to agencies and employers.  "No single platform, nor dataset, nor media vendor is the end solution. It takes incredibly smart people to manage these tools and sources to produce optimal results," notes Leigh.

Agencies looking to engage with Ripple can get up and running within hours. Interested parties can learn more by requesting a meeting with

About Ripple
Ripple is a recruitment media buying group. Its team plans, buys, and manages programmatic media for agencies, job boards, and staffing firms of all shapes and sizes.  Ripple's 1,000s of media partners are supported by its expert traders.  Ripple is headquartered in the trading capital of New York City.  For more information, visit

About Kyle
Kyle built Bayard Advertising's programmatic offering from a $1,000 trial to an 8-figure staple of business.  He quickly saw the potential to take a similar model to the rest of the industry with Ripple.  He currently lives in New York City with his Border Collie (and Ripple COO), Ziggy.

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