Scavix Software Announces eBay App 'Jaast' Now Available on Smart TVs from Toshiba

Jaast for eBay from Scavix Software enables users to bid and buy directly with their remote control on Smart TV sets from Toshiba

26 Mar, 2013, 13:06 ET from Scavix Software

EBSTORF, Germany, March 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Smart TV sets from Toshiba just got a little smarter: from now on, everyone can bid and buy on eBay using only the remote control. Toshiba Places and Toshiba Cloud TV are the Smart TV interactive platforms available respectively in the 2011/2012 and 2013 Smart TV sets from the Japanese maker. Both solutions let everyone use easy and interactive apps directly with the TV remote control. This enhances the television experience by tying into the web, mobile devices, even other electronics in the home to expand what users can do and enjoy.

Jaast for eBay® is an app that lets users login to eBay with their eBay username and password and then shows all their "My eBay" auctions on TV. It also lets the user search on eBay for items they want to buy. When found, bids can be placed directly or items can be bought with the remote control only. The last seconds of an auction are shown as a countdown with automatically refreshing information about the current highest bid and the current highest bidder. While other users are still just sitting in front of their old TV set and watch TV, users of the new Jaast for eBay are one step ahead and finally are the winner of those highly requested items on eBay.

"The Toshiba Smart TV platforms are an excellent way to bring eBay to more user's home," says Christoph Bünger, Director of Scavix Software. "With this next step to make Jaast for eBay available on major interactive TV platforms, the home eBay user will have more success on winning auctions on eBay and browse through the endless world of fascinating eBay auctions."

In the past few years, Jaast for eBay was already made available on platforms like Microsoft Windows Media Center, Nintendo Wii and Philips NetTV and has won several eBay awards, including "Most innovative eBay Application" twice.

The interactive app "eBay powered by Jaast" can be found for on your Toshiba Smart TV portal and can be used free of charge. It's available in multiple languages and supports 23 eBay sites worldwide.

SOURCE Scavix Software