Scrambler Therapy® Technology Medical Device in the US. Delta International Services & Logistics Launches its Commercial Network in 27 States

04 May, 2016, 09:17 ET from Delta International Services & Logistics

ROME, May 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

The Scrambler Therapy® has been developed in Italy for the treatment of chronic neuropathic and oncologic pain resistant to opiates and other types of treatment by the Italian researcher Prof. Giuseppe Marineo, the inventor of this therapy and ST technology of these devices.

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Scrambler Therapy® Technology development in the US   

Delta International Service & Logistics' main goal in the US is to create the conditions to fully implement the methodology in line with the original standards which are the only ones to guarantee a meaningful increase of success rates in hospitals and independent clinical trials, create better conditions for insurance reimbursement, develop an efficient distribution chain throughout the United States.

The current sales network includes 27 States. By the end of 2016 it plans to cover all the United States.

Exclusive DIS&L reference in the U.S:   

Richard J. Erickson, Advanced Pain Solutions, Inc, U.S. Domestic Operations, +1-406-249-0424 Cell., +1-406-862-2016 Fax,

6419 Hirondel Street, Houston, TX 77087.

Excellence and training centers   

These centers guarantee an optimal quality system for ST usage including ST-NET support, a clinical "intelligent" network based on a dedicated software designed exclusively for Scrambler Therapy®.  This software informs in real time the operator of possible critical features, suggests most fit treatment protocols for any patient, allows to monitor parameters that guarantee quality system for the certified centers.

Pain Care Clinic of Idaho is the first Center in the US to have the Certificate of Conformity to the Scrambler Therapy Quality System.  Dr. Edmund C. Boese M.D., D.A.B.A., D.A.B.M.A. who runs the center, has been certified as a Scrambler Therapy® trainer.


DIS&L has collaboration agreements in the US and Europe with prestigious international clinical research centers to realize RCTs aimed at consolidating and completing the insertion of Scrambler Therapy® in healthcare insurance.

Save your investment   

If you own a Scrambler Therapy® by returning it you can buy a new one at a discounted rate and get a two year warranty. The offer that expires on December 31, 2016, is valid only for the devices purchased before December 2015.

About Delta International Service & Logistics   

DIS&L is an agency created for the international development of Scrambler Therapy®, and selecting of medical device distributors in all international area. DIS&L through its law firm is the only company authorized to sign international exclusive agreements, provide maintenance and distributor support for method usage training and other logistics needs. For more information visit

About Scrambler Therapy®   

Scrambler Therapy® scientific research and development technology have been developed in Italy by Professor Giuseppe Marineo, who is the sole owner of its intellectual property rights. The official "Scrambler Therapy"® scientific and clinical information website is at ).

FDA 510(k) Clearance: # K142666, CE Certified: #CE 0476)

About Pain Care Clinic of Idaho  

Certified with the Scrambler Therapy Quality System

Edmund C. Boese M.D., D.A.B.A., D.A.B.M.A., official Scrambler Therapy Trainer.

742 E. State Street, Eagle, Idaho, 83616
Phone: +1-208-939-3750, Fax: +1-208-939-3754,,

About GEOMC Co., LTD   

GEOMC Co., LTD is the exclusive licensed manufacturer of the patent-protected Scrambler Therapy® Technology for Delta International Services & Logistics.

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