Screen Magic Mobile Media Launched the World's First SMS Provider Marketplace - Onehop

09 Jun, 2016, 12:34 ET from Screen-Magic Mobile Media

PUNE, India, June 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Screen Magic Mobile Media Pvt. Ltd today announced the launch of Onehop, the world's first SMS Provider Marketplace that allows SMS buyers to search, compare, buy and switch SMS providers in minutes.

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The inspiration for Onehop came from the SMS buying experience of Screen-Magic's customers,

"Customers mostly have questions about Which Carrier & Country will their messages be terminated through? How will the Traffic Priority be determined within a carrier network? And, What kind of Filters or Restrictions will be applicable? Many of our customers say that most SMS Aggregator's proposals look the same, and there is nothing to compare. The real picture is understood only once they start using a particular provider, unfortunately, by then they have already spent a lot of time and resources" Said Nitin Seth, Co-Founder, and CEO, Screen-Magic Mobile Media.

"We realized this lack of transparency in the SMS Industry. All the above factors determine the Quality Parameters like SMS Delivery Rates, Latency, etc. making specific products more suitable for a specific type of traffic or use case. For e.g. - A Two-Factor Authentication SMS requires a Local Direct to Carrier Route and typically has a significantly higher price than an Indirect Route used for Marketing/Promotional traffic. We've launched to give buyers an option to compare and choose SMS Providers based on their Use-Case requirement, with all required Product/Route details." He Added

The Portal enables SMS buyers to:  

1. Search for SMS providers as per their individual Business Requirements and Use Cases.

2. Compare different texting products based on Security, Delivery Rates, Latency, and Pricing.

3. Get a hassle-free buying experience that saves Time and Energy by reducing documentation, negotiation and integration cycle with each provider.  

4. Connect to multiple SMS Providers and start sending SMS by integrating with one single OneHop API.

5. Help in monitoring SMS Campaigns and Products through an Interactive Dashboard with real-time, granular details of SMS Delivery Statuses, Success Ratio, Latency, Volume, and Cost. 

6. Switch between providers in minutes at a 'Click of a Button.' 

On its day of launch, the Onehop team proudly announced its first partnership alliance with Prestashop - the most powerful, dynamic and international e-commerce software with 250,000 online store owners.

"With Text Messaging emerging as a widely used tool to communicate with customers, there was a need to make the process of buying SMS in different geographies simpler and seamless. We understood that it was extremely challenging for customers to find the best SMS providers based on geography, industry, specific business needs. Onehop is an SMS Provider Marketplace that aims to take the agony out of selecting and switching between SMS Providers" said Darshan Mujumdar, Director,

Onehop not only serves the interests of buyers but also provides numerous benefits to aggregators:

1. Help in reaching a global audience without spending huge marketing budgets.

2. Aids in Building long-term relationship with customers like CRMs, retailers & organizations and thus fetching repeat customers.

3. Provide a platform to showcase high revenue generating products like direct routes, premium routes, etc.

4. Provide a seamless selling experience with the help of excellent back end support and infrastructure.

Onehop is all set to transform the way SMS are bought and sold today, with SMS Aggregators like Nexmo, Aerialink, Monty Mobile, Reach Data, Silverstreet already onboard.

About Onehop: 

Onehop - A unique SMS marketplace that gives buyers the freedom to compare SMS providers based on based on Security, Delivery Rates, Latency, Route type and Pricing.

Onehop demystifies SMS purchase process for SMS buyers by reducing tedious documentation and multiple integrations

About Screen-Magic 

Screen-Magic offers innovative products and solutions within the enterprise mobile communication niche. The company enables its users to interact and engage with their consumers on mobile devices. Passionate about offering convenient ways to reduce cost, increase operational efficiency and delighting users, Screen-Magic is a privately held company with more than 80 mobility experts and offices in U.S & India. It is over 7 years old and has 900+ clients all over the world.

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